Hybrid Schedule for Grades 6-8 (Nautilus and Woodmont)

  • Information about the secondary hybrid model for Nautilus and Woodmont Grades 6-8:

    • With the secondary hybrid model, students in 100% remote and students in hybrid will be on the same schedule with their existing teachers.
    • In-person classes will run at the same time as students participating in remote.

    Students staying in 100% remote:

    • will Zoom into their classes four days a week instead of attending in-person.
    • remain with their existing teachers.
    • will continue with asynchronous learning on Wednesdays.

    Students in hybrid (in-person and remote):

    • will have some classes in-person and some classes remote each day, four days a week, delivered by their existing teachers.
      • SEL/CCR and two classes will be in-person
      • Specialist, Social Studies, and one other class will be remote (Zoom classes)
    • will continue with asynchronous learning on Wednesdays.
    • will be required to follow social distancing guidelines and wear appropriate face coverings.
    • who do not wear face masks as required will not be allowed to stay on campus.
    • while we’re still finalizing the schedule, the “Content” portion of the schedule (English Language Arts, Math and Science) will rotate.

    See proposed schedule for grades 6-8 for Woodmont and Nautilus below.

    As a reminder:

    Secondary Hybrid Model

    • FWPS is committed to providing 30% in-person learning for secondary students. Based on our collaboration and communication with OSPI, we can assure families we will be in compliance with the Governor’s proclamation.
    • IMPORTANT: Our plans are contingent on transportation, class size to maintain social distancing, and staffing. We'll be adjusting our plans based on those factors.
    • This model is NOT “study hall”. We will be providing in-person academic instruction.
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