Return to Athletics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  •  This information is subject to change based on the latest guidance. 

    1. Are other school districts and leagues following these same guidelines?

    Federal Way Public Schools is part of the North Puget Sound League which follows the Department of Health, Public Health – Seattle & King County, and WIAA guidelines for return to athletics, which also accounts for COVID-19 metrics. 

    1. What are the sport high school sport seasons for 2020-21?

    Our most current sports schedule can be found at 

    1. Is a health screening form required for all practices?

    Yes, we’ve communicated with our staff and student-athletes and their families that a health screening form must be completed for staff and scholars prior to coming on school campuses and/or off-site venues.  

    1. Where do I find the health screening form?

    The building athletic director communicates with staff and students where to locate the health screening form. You may also email or contact your building athletic director (see the athletic director list below).  It’s a paper form until we transition to the online version of the health screening form. Again, the AD will provide you the most current information. 

    1. Will Social Distancing be enforced for all staff and scholars during the sport specific season?

    We are following the social distancing guidance from the Department of Health. Social distancing of 6 feet is expected when possible, and there will be some allowance during drills and competition that follow their guidance and phasing. 

    1. Are masks required? Are there exceptions?

    Yes, masks are always required while on campus for conditioning workouts, practices, games and competitions. 

    There are exceptions for mask wearing during competition allowed by the WIAA for Cross Country, Gymnastics and Swim/Dive. 

    1. Where will the conditioning workouts be held?

    Conditioning workouts will be held at the high school turf football/soccer field. Contact your coach or Athletic Director for more information. 

    1. Will scholars be matched in a pod with their coach for conditioning workouts?

    Scholars will be matched with coaches from their program when possible. 

    1. What is the plan for a scholar that needs to use the restroom during practice or games?

    A staff member will escort the scholar to the building to use the restroom and back to their pod. 

    1. Will water be provided for practices and games?

    Scholars are encouraged to bring their own water. We’re providing bottled water will be available onsite at our campuses. 

    1. Can you provide the link to RankOneSport?


    1. What sports will be offered Season 1?

    Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Girls Swim/Dive, Golf, Girls Soccer. See the schedule here: 

    1. Will there be cheerleading and dance?

                    Yes, sideline Cheer and Dance will begin March 8.  

    1. Will there be a post season events this year?

                    The North Puget Sound League is planning to offer a league culminating event for all sports. 

    1. How is each sport going to handle in-person practices?

    Practices will be similar to previous years with additional adjustments to allow for social distancing.               

    1. Are there issues with seniors participating in athletics after graduation?

                    WIAA regulations allow for scholars to complete their sport season. 

    1. Do parents need to be on site to complete health screening form?

    No. They’re completing the form in advance of their student coming to campus. 

    1. Has the North Puget Sound League (NPSL) determined if spectators will be allowed at competitions?

    Beginning the week of March 29, 2021, 2 spectator passes will be allocated per rostered FWPS athlete to attend home games at our athletic venues.                          

    1. Do you know if we are able to pay for items online?

                    Yes.  Access is provided in ParentVue Payment Portal.


    1. Please confirm how to submit physicals?

                    Please contact your building Athletic Director for methods of submitting a physical.

    1. Will there be cuts?

    As is standard, volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, and golf are considered cut sports; therefore, there may be cuts. The sports listed above may offer sub varsity teams. 

    1. Are there changes in the WIAA grade requirements?

    Yes. The WIAA rules allow scholars to play with an Incomplete from the previous semester.  The building Athletic Director is responsible for monitoring scholars progress toward passing grade. 

    1. What are the health and safety protocols for athletics?

     Health and Safety Protocols  

    1. Will there be conditioning opportunities offered after March 1?

    The WIAA allows for year-round conditioning. Please contact your building athletic director for more information regarding out-of-season conditioning opportunities: 


    Athletic Director Contact Information: 

    Federal Way HS                                John Yellam             

    Decatur HS                                         Terry Jenks               

    Todd Beamer HS                              Rick Phillips             

    Thomas Jefferson HS                      Mike Grady