Course Correction Requests

  • **NOTE: For schedule changes during the COVID school closure, please contact your counselor directly. Contact information can be found on our main page under the Counseling Program tab.


    All schedule changes must be requested within the first 10 days of the semester.

    • Corrections can only be made for strong academic reasons.
    • Few electives can be changed (we cannot move required classes).
    • We do not change teachers. Corrections will not be made to have specific teachers or to rearrange class periods.
    • Appropriate times to request a schedule change are: before school, during lunch or after school. Please do not come during class time.

    If a student is trying to change an IB course, a yellow IB Opt Out form must be completed by the student before a schedule change is considered for approval by Administration.

    Please know that every attempt has been made to honor students’ course request forms filled out in the Spring.  However it is not always possible to keep all students in their requested classes, due to class sizes or availability.