What do I need to do to make a horizontal move?


    If you think that you will qualify to move horizontally on the salary schedule, please have your official transcripts sent to Human Resources.  If you choose to send your transcript electronically, it must be sent directly from the Institution to HR at hr@fwps.org.  Credits do not need to be approved by your principal, however they still need to meet one of the criteria outlined on page 90, paragraph 5 of the FWEA Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  Horizontal moves are due to Human Resources no later than October 25th (see page 91, paragraph F of the FWEA CBA).  All credits and clock hours are converted to quarter credits; ten clock hours equal 1 quarter credit and one semester credit is equal to 1.5 quarter credits. 


    Clock hours taken through FWPS are not automatically shared with HR, if you want FWPS clock hours used towards salary placement you would need to request an official transcript from the CLC and submit it to HR.  You can contact the CLC by emailing chjones@fwps.org. Clock hours outside of FWPS must be by an approved OSPI clock hour provider and can be submitted to HR on a clock hour form or an official clock hour transcript.

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    The horizontal move form can be found on the District Intranet, form #172.