Supporting Scholars and Engaging Scholars and Families

Who to Contact?

  • Family Supports for Instruction

    FWPS will provide support to families with distance and hybrid learning throughout the year.

    To help families get started with distance learning, FWPS will provide learning on topics such as how to use technology tools, communicate with teachers, and support your child’s learning and social-emotional well-being.

    Learning opportunities will happen through live, online sessions hosted by staff as well as online resources and videos that can be accessed any time.

    Principals will also host monthly meetings with families to hear input on successes, challenges and next steps for remote learning.

    The Superintendent will also host additional opportunities for families to provide feedback and input on success, challenges, and potential solutions and supports.

    At the elementary level, family liaisons will support communication and partnership between families and the school. They will serve as a resource to support families with questions, access to resources, and the learning and social/emotional needs of their scholars.

    Communication with FWPS families reflects the linguistic and cultural assets that our families bring to our community. Using tools such as the Remind app, FWPS sends communication to families in multiple languages. Translation tools make our website and Canvas pages accessible for families in their primary language. In addition, FWPS has translators available to support families to communicate and partner with the district in their native language.

    Orientation to Remote Learning

    To support scholars and families as we return to school in September, we will be hosting orientation events with a mix of in-person and remote activities. Scholars and families will have the opportunity to meet their teachers, engage in learning sessions around remote instruction from using technology tools (navigating online learning – Canvas, Zoom, Remind) to how to engage in remote learning effectively. During these orientation events, school supplies, instructional materials, and technology devices will be handed out. 

    Please stay tuned to our social media accounts, website, and school websites for further details.

    Learning About Technology Tools: Course Descriptions

    To support families in engaging in remote learning, the following courses will be offered:

    How to Navigate Online Learning with Technology and Communication Tools and partnering with teachers

    In this course you will become familiar with the structures and tools teachers and scholars will be using in daily learning as well as how to stay connected with the classroom teacher. Examples of the training include the following:

    The Canvas portion of the training walks scholars and families through how to navigate the home page and lesson page. It will describe to you what sections mean and the picture that identifies it. For scholars, there are additional steps provided on how to complete an assignment a teacher has put in a lesson. For parents, there are directions on how to become a Parent Observer to view your child’s Canvas course so you can monitor and share in their online success. For a preview of the two very important training topics requested by FWPS Scholars and Families, view the links below. (Click this link on HOW TO become a Parent Observer. Click this link to watch the preview video on HOW TO submit an Assignment.)

    The Zoom portion of the training shows how to enter a teacher Zoom meeting, how to turn on and off the microphone and camera, and how to participate successfully. Focus will be on student access to Zoom links in their Teacher Canvas Course and parent access to Zoom links from the teacher communication in Synergy Mail or Remind. To have early access to the Zoom training, click here to access the Zoom training on the Parent Portal.

    The Remind training guides parents and scholars over 13 on how to send and receive text messages, voice calls, or email messages. To have early access to the Parent and Scholar Remind training, use the links below:

    FWPS is committed to providing equitable access to scholars and families experiencing homelessness and foster care. In addition to educational needs, FWPS understands our scholars experiencing homelessness and foster care must have their basic needs met to engage in learning. We will continue to partner with community-based organizations to connect scholars and families to resources for these basic needs, including mental health services. Any scholars or families with needs related to homelessness and/or foster care can call 253-945-2091 or email for assistance.