Supporting Scholars with Exceptionalities

  • Special Education Services

    We are committed to working with families to ensure scholars receive the services they need to be successful in the hybrid or full remote environment. Following the State’s guidelines, we will deliver the services outlined in your scholar’s plan to the fullest extent possible. IEP services in both the hybrid and full remote model will look different than they do when we are following our typical in-building schedules.

  • 504 Plans

    We are committed to making sure that 504 plans are followed in both hybrid and full remote settings. We know that some changes may need to be made to the plans to address the scholar’s identified needs that are a result of their identified disability. Teams will collaborate with families to answer the following questions:

    1. Can the current accommodations be met within the hybrid and remote model?
    2. Are there changes that need to be made, based on the scholar’s needs, to make sure they can access instruction in either the hybrid or remote model?
    3. Are there any new accommodations that need to be made, based on the scholar’s needs, to make sure they can access instruction in either the hybrid or remote model?

    504 plan timelines like annual meetings and 3-year re-evaluations will still be followed. Parents/guardians and others who suspect a child may have a disability can still ask that the scholar be considered for a 504 plan. The same process and timelines will be followed.

    Multi-Lingual Services

    ELL teachers will support scholars learning English in both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Teachers will meet with identified small groups synchronously. ELL teachers will also support general education teachers to adjust core content instruction in order to support English Language Learners understanding. Small groups will be determined based on language levels of the scholars. Teacher will prioritize direct services to scholars at the Emerging level. Teachers will also create videos and guides on how to access and support virtual work in English and home languages.

    Highly Capable Services and Advanced Programs

    Highly capable services will continue in a hybrid/remote setting. Teachers will differentiate and provide enrichment using the Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum at grade level.

    K-5 scholars will continue to receive Scholar Learning Plans that outline the scholar’s individual goals and enrichment opportunities for the year.

    6-12 scholars will have access to differentiated instruction, acceleration, and advanced programs.

    K-12 scholars’ services can be delivered through small group enrichment instruction on Wednesdays.

    Teachers of advanced programs (AVID, AP, Cambridge, Dual Credit, IB) will use Wednesdays to support scholars being prepared to earn college credit for these courses.