Grading and Feedback

  • Federal Way Public Schools will continue to utilize standards-based grading and reporting strategies to report scholar progress towards essential standards in the 2020-21 school year of remote/hybrid learning. Meaningful grades allow for two-way communication between the teacher, scholar, and family around scholar’s learning and progress of grade level standards. Grades must be clear, accurate, and meaningful.

    Teachers will provide feedback to scholars regularly through various methods. Scholar work will receive feedback quickly to allow them to practice their skills more effectively. Teachers will provide feedback that is specific and clear and will allow scholars to reflect upon their own learning and make adjustments. Feedback will be given during synchronous learning and for asynchronous work; Teachers will use a variety of tools to provide feedback, including, but not limited to Canvas discussion board, rubrics, email, notes on scholar work.

    Scholar scores will be posted in ParentVUE and StudentVUE starting the third week of school at the latest; teachers will continue to post every three weeks. This will allow scholars and parents/guardians to keep track of grades and progress toward mastery of the essential standards.