Instruction During Remote Learning

  • During a 60-minute lesson or period, the teacher will provide live instruction on an essential learning standard using Zoom. At the beginning of the lesson, all scholars log in to the Zoom. Through the beginning, middle, and end of the lesson, scholars will work in whole group, small group, and independently.

    Beginning of the lesson: When the lesson begins, the teacher will review the previous days learning and let the scholars know what they will be learning that day. The teacher will teach important vocabulary for the learning that day. The teacher will provide a 10-20 minute lesson on the learning for the day. The teacher will ask questions and have the scholars respond whole group or via chat.

    Middle of the lesson: The teacher will have scholars practice through small group break out rooms or independent work. Scholars may be watching videos, reading articles/books, writing answers on a discussion board, completing pencil/paper written work, and/or working on online learning platforms. Scholars might be asked to show their work during the live Zoom or to submit their work on Canvas. Teachers will provide scholars feedback through written or video responses to scholar work. Teachers will also provide feedback in individual conferences reviewing a scholar’s work.

    End of the lesson: The teacher will review the day’s learning with the scholars. Scholars will share their work or learning for the day. The teacher will review the asynchronous work that scholars will need to complete before the next lesson. Scholars will ask clarifying questions to make sure they know what to do for their assignments.

    Scholars will use Canvas to review their weekly assignment and engage in their learning. For more information about what your scholar will be learning, please access the FWPS Learning Partnership Guides at

    Small Group Instruction

    Scholars who have a demonstrated need for additional support will receive targeted, small-group instruction in the afternoons and on Wednesdays. Identified scholars will attend small group in remote synchronous instruction offered by the teacher, a specialist, or a paraeducator. This is a time to reinforce the learning that was previously taught, identify a skill that needs additional support, and give scholars an opportunity to ask questions. This is also a time where teachers will provide additional support for scholars needing acceleration and/or extension/preparation for AP/IB course work.

    Small groups of 2 – 6 scholars will meet 2 – 4 times per week. The size of the group and how often they meet are determined by the learning needs of the group. Groups will meet for approximately 4 – 6 weeks. In some cases, if remote small group work is not supporting scholar learning, small groups may meet for in-person instruction.