Setting Up Your Child for Success

  • Supporting your child through remote and hybrid learning is a new experience. One of the most important things that you can do for your child is to be an example of how to navigate this new experience.

    The team at FWPS is committed to working with all our families to support the learning of our scholars. As the first and most important teacher of your child, we value your partnership in closely monitoring and setting your child up for success Below, please find support strategies that will help to make the remote experience more successful.

    Closely Monitoring Your Child’s Progress in ParentVUE

    One of the most important strategies that is critical to your child’s success is the close monitoring of their academic progress. Weekly monitoring will help you to support and to stay connected to their progress. In FWPS, ParentVUE is one of the main tools we use to communicate about your child’s real-time academic progress and other aspects of your child’s school experience.

    ParentVUE is an online web portal that can be accessed via mobile devices and laptops. Through ParentVUE, parents/guardians have access to school and scholar information including assignments, grades, and attendance. The tool also allows parents/guardians to enter scholar absences and receive important email communication from the district, school, and your child’s teacher.

    It is important that you establish and activate your ParentVUE account. Please see the support tools section of this document or contact your school’s principal for guidance in setting up your account.

    In addition to closely monitoring your child’s progress in ParentVUE, please find below other suggestions for setting your child up for success.