Fall Reopening 2020 FAQs


  • How is your district engaging with community?

  • What is your district doing to support the needs of students receiving ELL or special education services?

  • What is the latest update on athletics?

  • How will schools/teachers support students who need personalized one-on-one attention?

  • How will McKinney Vento students be supported?

  • How will Highly Capable students be supported?

  • Will there be opportunities to support parents in learning how to better support their child’s online learning from home?

  • Is there an online school option that is guaranteed to be remote the entire school year?

  • If we choose the Internet Academy (IA) option, can we later change back to our child’s designated school (neighborhood or Choice school)?

  • Is there a fee for Internet Academy if my child is an existing student in Federal Way Public Schools?

Assessments and Curriculum

  • Will elementary students take the iReady test for grading?

  • Will there be assessments to identify academic support scholars may need?

  • If students are going to be graded, how can I learn more about the curriculum and grading rubric for my child?

  • What will Independent Reading Level Assessment (IRLA) conferring look like?

  • Will there be standardized tests/SBA?

  • What remote curriculum are you providing to ensure consistency across the district?

  • How will grading work?

  • Online learning didn’t go well last year. How have you improved the process so it’s not a repeat of last year?


  • Will attendance be taken; if so, how?

  • How will parents be notified about their child's attendance?

  • How will students be able to get missed lessons due to illness?

  • What are attendance standards and how are truancy issues addressed?

  • I work full time. How can my child attend class while in daycare?


  • What will the childcare options be?

  • Will Right At School be available at all elementary schools?

  • Will scholars be able to access their school work when in the Right at School program?

  • Will meals be provided during Right at School?

  • What safety precautions will be in place during Right at School?

  • Is childcare offered to students with special needs?

  • Right At Schools is expensive, is there any assistance available?

Early Learning: Preschool and Kindergarten

  • Will there be preschool? If so, how will it work?

  • My child is going into kindergarten in the fall. How will remote learning work?

  • How can we keep kindergarten scholars engaged during remote learning?

  • Are there any K-Readiness sessions or special considerations for incoming kindergarten students?

  • Who can I speak with to ask more specific questions about kindergarten?


  • How will meals be handled? 

  • How can I close a current lunch account that is no longer needed?

School Supplies

  • How will school supplies be handled?

  • How do I pay for the school supplies?

  • Do I have to purchase the district-provided school supplies?

Student Support Services

  • How will scholars with IEPs be supported?

  • My student has a 1:1 paraeducator in their IEP, how will that be provided in a full remote setting?

  • Are IEP scholars who are currently placed out of district transitioning to remote learning?

  • How will speech therapy and occupational therapy work in a remote model?

  • Will Child Find be happening in the fall? If so, how can I sign up my child to be screened?

  • What are the plans for the Employment Transition Program?


  • Is a laptop required for remote learning or can my child use a phone or tablet?

  • Will all students have access to a laptop?

  • What specifications and programs are needed for the laptop to support my child’s learning?

  • What internet browser is recommended?

  • Will my child need access to a printer?

  • How can I request a loaner laptop?

  • Do you have any information about low cost laptops to purchase?

  • I have multiple children. Can I request a loaner laptop for each student?

  • My student checked out a loaner device during the 2019-20 school year and no longer needs it. How do I return it?

  • I have multiple children in different grades. How can they share a laptop and still access their classes?

  • How will we pick up the laptops?

  • I work from home and use the internet for my job. The internet doesn’t always work well with multiple people on the computer at the same time. What suggestions or strategies do you have to ensure my child and I can both access the internet during work/school hours?