Tens reasons why a Child’s Daily Routine is important

    1.Helps your child get on a schedule

    2.Bonds the family together

    3.Establishes expectations

    4.Creates a calmer household

    5.Gives your child confidence and independence

    6.Establishes healthy, constructive habits

    7.Helps you (the parent) remember important things

    8.Offers your child an opportunity to get excited about what’s ahead

    9.Provides opportunity for special “daily rituals”

    10. Offers stability during times of change or stress


    Help with Transportation for Groceries

    Metro Access buses can deliver food from food banks directly to families whose disabilities make it difficult for them to get to the food bank on their own.

    To learn more, families should call their local food bank (call/visit 211 for help finding yours) or King County Metro Access at 206-205-5000.

    Check out the news story below about the program:



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