Class of 2020 FAQs

  • We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to find creative solutions to supporting our seniors and celebrating with the class of 2020, while continuing to practice social distancing, and doing our part to support a safe and healthy community during this public health crisis. 

    Detailed information about graduation celebrations for the Class of 2020 was included in the following letter from Superintendent Dr. Tammy Campbell to seniors and their parents on May 7, 2020: 

    This information, as well as answers to additional frquently asked questions, is also avaialble below.


Graduation Ceremony and Prom

  • Will there be a graduation ceremony for the class of 2020?

  • How do I view or purchase my graduation photos?

  • When is the Graduation Walk for my school?

  • When is the Class of 2020 Car Parade Experience?

  • When is the Virtual Graduation Ceremony?

  • Will I graduate or will we have to make up the work?

  • What does it mean to be on track to graduate?

  • How do I know if I’m on track to graduate?

  • Will we get help with meeting our graduation requirements?

  • How will we get our yearbook?

  • How will we get our cap and gown?

  • Will we still have a prom?

  • How can seniors and parents get involved in planning options for senior events?

Graduation Requirements

  • Where can I find the Senior Checklist?

  • What do seniors need to do in order to graduate?

  • If I failed a class and need to retake it for graduation, what are my options during the closure?

  • What am I required to complete for the High School and Beyond Plan?

  • What if I was planning on taking a state test to meet a graduation requirement?

  • I am taking Bridge to College so that I can meet my math/ELA requirement for graduation. Will I still earn credit for this course?

  • What about the community service hours that are required for graduation?

  • Do seniors still have to do a senior project?

Technology and WiFi

  • I did not get a laptop before the school closure, what do I do if I need one?

  • I do not have access to the internet at home, how can I get a hot spot?

Grades and Transcripts

  • Can I work on missing or incomplete assignments or re-do an assignment to bring my grade up?

  • Is work that teachers assign during the closure graded?

  • How do I request documents required for post-secondary institution such as transcripts?

Running Start, Puget Sound Skills Center and Online Courses

  • Who do I talk to about Running Start or Puget Sound Skills Center questions?

  • I started an online course before the school closure. Can I finish it?


  • Is state testing canceled?

  • Is AP testing happening?

  • What is happening with IB testing?

  • What is happening with Cambridge testing?

  • I was going to take the World Language Credit by Proficiency exam in March/April. Will this be rescheduled? What about Seal of Biliteracy?

Postsecondary and Financial Aid Support

  • How do I get help with completing FAFSA/WASFA application?

  • How will the school closure affect the college admission process?

  • I have received financial aid award letters from the colleges I have been accepted to. Is there someone that can help me review these?

  • What support is available for students who are set to leave for college this summer, such as scholarship support?

Fees, Fines and Refunds

  • How do I pay fees and fines?

  • How do I return school issued items such as books and uniforms? How do I get my belongings that are still at school?

  • How do I get refunded for spring sports fees?