• We address student needs by delivering classroom lessons, small group counseling, individual planning, individual counseling, collaborating with stake holders, professional development, making referrals (school counselors do not provide therapy)


    Reasons for contacting the School Counselor include but are not limited to:

    Academic development:

    *Academic achievement


    *Study skills


    *504 case management

    *Graduation progress

    Social/Emotional development:

    *Family difficulties or concerns (ie. divorce, separation, single parent, grief, death or other loss)

    *Bullying/ Safety concerns

    *To discuss special needs of your child

    *Resources or referrals to community agencies

    *Behavior Concerns

    *Crisis or potential crisis , suicidal ideation, self-harm, etc.    

    *Peer interactions, resolving conflict 

    *Self-regulation skills (ie. anger management, impulse control)


    Career development:

    *Individual planning

    *College and career readiness

    *Post-secondary options

    *High School and Beyond Plan

    *College Bound 7 & 8th grade

    *Running start / Puget Sound Skill Center

    *Decision-making skills

    *Communication skills