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  • Anali Weatherhead
    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Scholars of Todd Beamer High School,

    March 30, 2020

    Dear Todd Beamer High School Parents, Guardians, and Scholars:

    On behalf of our district, school administration, our teachers and support staff, we hope you are all doing well under the present circumstances.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families.

    We are embarking on week 3 of our school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We miss physically working together and we miss our students! As news stories continue to break all around us, I know how important it is for adults to take the lead, to support our children with facts and action by practicing preventative behaviors, staying home, and if you must go outside, keeping a safe distance from other people outside of our immediate families.

    In neighborhoods all over, we understand that a family’s emotional and physical health are top priorities right now.  We also know that some parents and guardians are struggling with how to support their children while they are at home.  As educators, we continue to review additional academic priorities as our students engage in long-distance learning.  Last week, the Office of Superintendent of Public Schools (OSPI) delivered specific guidelines for all 294 school districts in the state of Washington. The 9 page document is important because it calls for districts to be “building their capacity to provide equitable services during school closures.”  It is for this reason that new lessons are not being sent out to scholars at this time since not all students own technology or can access WiFi.  Assignments given prior to the school closure, however, are being accepted by teachers.  Please connect with them directly.

    Additionally, OSPI states, “We should avoid assuming that continuity of education outside of a typical school building can only occur through online means. Districts will provide instruction using printed learning materials, phone contact, email, technology-based virtual instruction, or a combination to meet student needs.”

    Our teachers are working remotely in service to you and our scholars.  They should be connecting with all of their students at least twice a week. They are also checking their emails daily and have been asked to respond to your questions as soon as reasonably possible. Our teachers have been extraordinary during this time, even as they are taking care of their own families! 

    As a school, we are proud to work for a district that has taken a pro-active approach, as preparations for “School-to-home” learning pamphlets were underway far in advance of the actual school closure March 16th. We have received inquiries as to when families should have received the pamphlets.  With more than 23,000 pamphlets sent home, we also recognize that addresses may have changed, or inaccurate addresses were recorded in our system.  Please correct that as soon as possible by logging into ParentVueHere is the link to the district website that connects you directly to the learning packets.

    We continue to be committed to: 

    • Providing FREE school meals to students who need them. They are distributed from

    10-to-noon, Monday-Friday at Todd Beamer High School; this drive-through service is efficient and convenient!

    • Providing day care service for the children of registered health care workers and first responders at two FWPS sites.
    • Helping our students retain the learning that has occurred to date by providing resources and activities.
    • Helping students focus on standards that may not be at-passing level at this time through their School-to-Home packets.
    • Providing supports to our seniors who need to be on track to graduate this spring. SENIORS: connect with your Advisor or Counselor, if you haven’t already!


    If you are the parent of a 12th grader, a Running Start scholar, or a Puget Sound Skills Center student, please ensure your student has responded to the latest phone call from their counselor or Advisor; OR that they have responded to the phone survey sent out last week seeking information on your child’s access to technology and/or WiFi.  We are working hard with a plan to help our seniors to the finish line.


    This week’s Family Character Dare involves an Act of Kindness.  Take 15 minutes to write a note of appreciation or a letter to a member of your family thanking them for some things they have done for you in the past month (or during the last two weeks of school closure).  IF YOU CAN, mail it! IF YOU CAN’T, place the letter under their pillow.  Don’t forget to be specific and sincere.  Think about when they went out of their way to help you with your homework, picked you up from a friend’s house late at night, or made your special dinner or dessert.

    The start of school is still tentatively set for Monday, April 27th.  We will keep you posted if there are any changes. In the meantime, on behalf of the Titan Administration and Staff:  We care about you and we miss you!  Please stay strong and healthy.  Know that we will be here to help you, guide you, support you, and comfort you as we navigate a school year that has definitely challenged our thinking.  I am confident, however, that with grace and foresight, we will come out of this stronger and closer than ever.


    Anali Weatherhead, Principal

    Todd Beamer High School


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