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    iReady Math – Personalized online math lessons

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    1. Open internet browser
    2. Type in
    3. Click: Log in as a student
    4. Enter your school name: Mark Twain Elementary
    5. Click: Log in with Google
    6. The first time you log in to your FWPS Google account from your home computer you will need to click on "Use another account."  The Google account you will log in with is your 6-digit ID number followed by  Example:
    7. The 6 digit ID number is your student’s lunch number. If they can’t remember their number, please email me at and I’ll send it to you.
    8. Enter your password: Bullfrog1
    9. Click on: iReady
    10. Click on: Math OR Reading
    11. Resume your lesson or start a new lesson.