Continued Support During School Closure

  • While school is closed, staff will continue to support scholars by performing professional duties and preparing for school to resume.

    Teachers will be engaged in professional learning, curriculum development, and lesson planning. Teachers will also be available to support students and parents with learning activities via email.  Parents can anticipate weekly communications from their child’s teacher and weekly updates from the school principal.

    Each school and department, such as principals, office managers, and central office staff (administration, nutrition services, maintenance and operations), will work on critical and essential tasks that can be accomplished during the closure.

    Some of these duties will be performed remotely, and all work will be done following Washington State Department of Health guidelines.

    Other responsibilities of central office staff include providing meals at sites across the district, offering childcare, developing curriculum, providing professional development, deep cleaning our facilities, grounds and building maintenance, and other essential functions. They will also be engaged in professional learning.

    All staff will be committed to ensuring we have a strong plan in place for a smooth start when the closure ends and accelerating learning when students return.