• Congratulations! We hope you find this information helpful as you begin to plan for your Maternity Leave.  We know you have a lot to think about, so our goal is to make the maternity leave arrangements as worry free as possible! 

    Maternity/Paternity Leave Form 

    Adoption Leave Form
    The District offers leave entitlements and provisions that align with current Washington and Federal Leave laws.  Employees who have worked at least one year and 1250 hours over the past 12 months are eligible to take leave for maternity/paternity and/or the adoption of a child under FMLA.  This leave is unpaid unless you have leave available to cover your time off. Paid Family Medical Leave of Washington covers employees who have worked 820 hours over the past 12 months for one or more employers.  This leave is paid by the State of Washington and covers up to 90% of your weekly pay with a maximum of $1,327 a week.  You must give 30 days notice to the State and the employer.

    If you wish to request additional bonding leave, please read your CBA leave section to see if you qualify.Please complete and submit a Request for Maternity/Parental Leave form within 30 days minimum of your leave start.

    Maternity Leave FAQ's

    Q. Once I establish my return to work date, can that be extended?

    A. We ask that you provide a solid estimation of your anticipated return to work date at the time of your request. We understand that things may change while out on your leave, but an anticipated date for your return is helpful, so we may plan coverage in your absence. 

    Q. Can I return to work sooner than I originally anticipated?

    A. Yes, as long as you are outside of your documented disability/recovery time and have a return to work without medical certificate from your provider.  Please notify your supervisor and Shelbee Mangum in Human Resources with the change in your anticipated return. 

    Q. Can I save my sick leave or personal leave and take my leave unpaid? 

    A. Under FMLA leave, The District requires you to exhaust all accrued leave.  

    Q. If my Spouse also works for the District, can he/she take time off to bond with child? 

    A. Spouses who are eligible and employed by the same emloyer may be limited to a combined total of 12 workweeks to care for the healthy child after birth, unless one spouse is under the FWEA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

     Contact your Shelbee Mangum at smangum@fwps.org if you have any questions about parental leave.