What guides stakeholders in SBGR?

How to Use This Guide

  • Central Office (TFL and Office of Equity) Staff Role:
    In support of the district’s Theory of Action (TOA), central office staff will support
    the handbook contents by collaborating with principals and teachers to coordinate
    professional development and ongoing support for the handbook contents.
    Central office staff will continually partner with principals, teachers, scholars and
    families to support meaningful and accurate communication of grades—aligned
    to research and best practices in the field.

    Administrator Role:
    Utilize the handbook to support teachers and staff with the implementation
    of Standards-Based Grading and Reporting (SBGR). Provide professional
    development to support alignment to the Principles of Grading with classroom
    assessment, grading and reporting practices. When all administrators support
    the FWPS Principles of Grading, it will support a systems approach to Standards-
    Based Grading and Reporting practices.

    Teacher Role:
    Utilize the handbook to guide best practices, based upon research and experts
    in the field related to a Standards-Based Grading and Reporting System. The
    handbook outlines our guiding principles related to grading and reporting,
    provides an overview of the report card along with supporting guidelines for
    specific issues and practices in SBGR. Ultimately, this guide is created to support
    teachers with accurate and meaningful communication of grades across the
    system. Teacher voice was utilized in the creation of this handbook and will
    continually be used as we refine our SBGR system.

    Scholar and Family Role:
    Utilize the Scholar and Family Handbook, ParentVue, and StudentVue, to access
    accurate and meaningful communication related to learning progress and grades.
    Because family and scholars are critical partners for the development of tools
    and resources related to standards-based grading and reporting, this handbook is
    designed to support principal and teacher with system-wide guidelines for SBGR
    and support two-way communication around scholar progress.