Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register my child? 

    Registration is completed electronically. Visit our website for next steps: 

    Do I have to register online? 

    Yes. All student registration is completed electronically.  

    What information/documents do I need? 

    • Address verification documentation 
    • Immunization records 
    • Emergency and medical contact information 
    • Age verification documentation 
    • Previous education experience (transcript) 
    • Special Education support documentation (IEP)  

    Need assistance? 

    School office support will be available soon. In the meantime, you can reach out for support in the following ways:

    I don’t have a computer or mobile device. How do I register electronically? 

    Visit your neighborhood school or the Educational Service Center where computers are available to use. 

    How do I know which school my child goes to? 

    Enrollment is determined by your home address. To identify your neighborhood school(s) search your address here:

    What if my child has been accepted to a “Choice School” and online registration system is showing the home (neighborhood) school? 

    Please proceed with completing the online verification process, then contact Elyse Finlay in Business Services at or 253-945-2098.

    If I am new to the district and want my child to attend a school different than my neighborhood school, how does this work with online enrollment?

    First, you need to register at your home school. Then, you can apply for Choice enrollment. More information can be found here:

    When does the online registration need to be complete? 

    The online enrollment or verification process must be completed for elementary scholars prior to the first day of school. This must be completed for secondary students prior to the school’s schedule pick-up event. 

    How do I withdraw my child from Federal Way Public Schools? 

    Contact your child’s school to withdraw and request a copy of records. 

    Would you like more information about Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and/or opt your child out of directory information, publications or photos? More information can be found in the Rights and Responsibilities handbook. Contact the school office to complete the form. 

    What is ParentVUE and why would I use it? 

    ParentVUE is the place for current information about your child’s attendance, grades, academic courses, and teacher information throughout the school year. Each parent/guardian can have their own personalized access to ParentVUE. 

    How do I use ParentVUE? 

    1. Go to 
    2. From this page, click on the ParentVue link located in the first row center link or go directly to 
    3. Click “I am a parent” 
    4. Click “More Options” 
    5. Click “Activate Account” 
    6. Press “I Accept” 

    To activate your account, enter your first and last name exactly as it was registered in our system, along with the activation key provided to you by your school. Get your activation key by emailing or contact your student’s school. 

    I am parent/guardian that previously created a ParentVUE account and need to reset my username or password. How do I do this? 

    Reset your password by visiting Options\Forgot Password 

    To reset your username, please call your school or email