Athlete of the Year Celebration 2019

  • On Monday, June 3, 2019, sixteen exceptional scholar-athletes were honored at the second annual Athlete of the Year celebration, presented in partnership with the Federal Way Mirror. Each of the four comprehensive high schools was represented with a scholar performance before the finalists were announced for each of their schools. The event concluded with the announcement of the Federal Way Mirror’s 2019 male and female Athlete of the Year: Federal Way High School senior, Alphonzo Tuputala, and  Thomas Jefferson High School junior, Hailey Still.

    Each of the sixteen finalists was recognized as Athlete of the Week throughout the 2018-19 school year and were nominated as a finalist for Athlete of the Year as a result of their dedication to their sport and their hard work in the classroom. In the month of May, the Federal Way Mirror hosted an online ballot which allowed readers to vote for the top male and female Athlete of the Year, and the male and female athlete to receive the most votes were selected as Athlete of the Year.

    Federal Way Public Schools believes activities and athletics are important choices to be offered in a comprehensive and challenging educational experience for all scholars. These programs teach sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for fellow competitors, officials, opposing team members and opposing team fans. The scholar-athletes recognized at this event exemplify these positive traits and are well on their way to becoming thriving, confident responsible individuals.

    Congratulations to all of our athletes, and to Alphonzo and Hailey for being selected as the 2019 male and female Athlete of the Year!

    2019 Athlete of the Year Finalists:

    Decatur High School

    Justin Cho

    Jeremiah Palaita

    Jewel Springer

    Claire Xu


    Federal Way High School

    Esther Brutus

    London Houston

    Jaden McDaniels

    Alphonzo Tuputala

    Todd Beamer High School

    Brycen Dilworth

    Madison Heck

    Brandon Niksich

    Renee Tiumalu


    Thomas Jefferson High School

    Roman Shuck

    Hailey Still

    Geno White

    Gjianni White