2018-19 DiscoverU Week

  • Scholars and Families!

    Mark your calendars for DiscoverU, a college and career initiative held during the week of Oct. 8-12, 2018. This is an exciting time for students to engage in fun, educational activities, explore college and career interests, and learn about the education and skills needed to accomplish their goals. Scholars from PreK through grade 12 are invited to participate.

    School and community partners lead career and college exploration activities from educators sharing their own education or career paths, to representatives from colleges, trade schools and other organizations discussing career opportunities in our region. 

    This is in direct support of district strategic plan Goal 5, Persistence to Graduation: High School Graduation through Successful Transitions, with every scholar successfully navigate the critical transitions in their schooling, and will graduate from high school ready for college, career, and postsecondary experiences.

    A highlight of DiscoverU occurs on Wed., Oct. 10, when high school seniors are able to complete the college and university entrance SAT testing. The district pays for the testing and offers it on a regular school day in order to encourage participation from students who work on Saturdays. On the same day, students in 8th and 11th Grades can also prepare by taking the PSAT to gain testing experience and information about their academic readiness. All students taking the SAT and PSAT testing are taking it at no-cost.

    Also on Wed., Oct. 17, the Life After High School Fair will be held at Thomas Jefferson High School from 6 – 8 p.m. The fair boasts representatives from more than 60 institutions including apprenticeships,  two-year colleges, four-year colleges and universities, technical schools, and most branches of the military to answer questions about a variety of career pathways. There are also several information sessions on topics such as financial aid workshop (provided in English and Spanish), college application essay workshop, and making money while you learn –  apprenticeships.

DiscoverU Theme Days