High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP)

  • The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) is a state-mandated graduation requirement for all students. It is designed to help guide scholars, parents, and teachers through high school and into the scholar's future. Plans are personalized and designed to help students set, visualize, and work to achieve goals. The scholars will begin their HSBP in the 6th grade and continue to build upon the HSBP each year, through their 12th grade year. During schoalrs' senior year, they will have a complete portfolio to submit and present in order to graduate.


  • Scholars High School and Beyond Plan will be completed throught our online college and career exploration program, MaiaLearning


    A student will login by going to https://www.maialearning.com/#/ and clicking Sign In in the top right corner.

    After clicking Sigh In, they will select the option "Sign In with Google" (the red button at the bottom of the page). 

    The email is their StudentID#@p12fwps.org and their school password.