Trade/Vocational School

How To Enroll

  • Identify the kind of job you want to end up with. Determine what kind of education you need to succeed in that career path.

    • Try taking the interest survey on MaiaLearning

    • Research the various schools that offer training in the field you’re interested in. Spend some time comparing your options at the schools you’re considering. If you’re looking for a specialized type of training, give strong consideration to the school that offers the best opportunities to get it. 
    • Compare the costs and benefits of each school and make a list of schools to which you want to apply. ‰ Prepare your application. 
    • Look on the school’s website for the course calendar from the department you are interested in. See what prerequisites you need in order to be considered. 
    • Fill out a basic application online (name, address, high school graduation date, etc.). 
    • Inquire about financial aid opportunities at the vocational school, if you think you will need help meeting your tuition and/or living expenses.