Four-Year College

About Four-Year College

  • A Four-Year College (often referred to as a university) is a private or government-funded college that offers four-year Bachelor's degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Some offer graduate programs, such as Master and Doctoral degrees. These universities often provide on-campus housing, which may be required for freshman year and beyond. Some private universities are affiliated with a religion. 


    Here is an interactive map of all the Four-Year Colleges in Washington State.

  • Applying to a Four-Year College

    So, you want to go to a four-year college/university, have you…

    • Registered for and taken the SAT or ACT?
    • Filled out your college application or the Common Application?
    • Worked on your college essays?
    • Requested letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, and community members?
    • Written thank-you notes to people who wrote letters for you?
    • Considered how to finance your college?
    • Completed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?
    • Started working on your financial aid practice form?
    • Filled out scholarships?
    • Requested official transcripts from the student office?
    • Taken a virtual tour of your college or visited campus?
    • Followed up with your college to make sure everything has been received?

    After you received a letter of college offer, have you…

    • Reviewed your financial aid offer?
    • Notified college of your acceptance?
    • Taken any necessary college placement tests?
    • Applied/paid for room and board if needed?
    • Registered for orientation?
    • Registered for your courses?
    • Followed scholarship procedures on how to get your money?
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