About Scholarships



    **EASTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY: Eastern’s scholarships are awarded through the University Scholarship Application Form that is available online at: www.ewu.edu/scholarships. Applicants must have a minimum 2.8 GPA and write five essays to be considered. Amounts vary. Deadline: February 1, 2023


    *ENGINEER GIRL WRITING CONTEST: This writing contest is open to 3-12 graders asking students to submit works of fiction. We want stories about someone learning to live on a new world while traveling in space. Winners will receive $500 for 1st place, $250 for 2nd, and $100 for 3rd. Learn more about the topic and submit here: www.engineergirl.org/128750/EngineerGirl-Writing-ContestDeadline: February 1, 2023


    EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: The ESA Foundation awards numerous scholarships annually. Students may apply for more than one, if eligible, but there is a $5 processing fee for each scholarship that you apply for. For more info and to apply, go to https://epsilonsigmaalpha.org/scholarships-and-grants/.  Deadline: February 1, 2023 by 11 PM MST


    **JOHN F. & ANNA LEE STACEY SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR ART EDUCATION: This scholarship is for students ages 18-35 pursuing a profession in visual arts. They must be skilled and devoted to the classical or conservative tradition. For more info, guidelines and to apply, go to https://nationalcowboymuseum.org/stacey-scholarship-fund-2/.  Deadline: February 1, 2023


    SOCIETY OF MANUFATURING ENGINEERS SCHOLARSHIP: Applications must be US citizens, have a 2.0 GPA and be on a path towards a degree in manufacturing engineering, technology or closely related field. For more info and to apply, go to https://www.smeef.org/sme-education-foundation-scholarships/scholarship-opportunities/Deadline: February 1, 2023


    WAEOP PAST PRESIDENTS STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is open seniors who are US citizens that plan to continue their education in an institution of higher learning. Students can pick up an application from their Career Center and will also need to submit an official transcript, a one-page essay on “Why I am Applying for the WAEOP Scholarship”, and three letters of recommendation.  Deadline: February 1, 2023


    WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP AUDITIONS: Students interested in studying music will need to audition for the program and it’s scholarships. For more information about this process, go to https://cfpa.wwu.edu/music/entrance-auditions#General  Live Auditions are February 3, 4, 24, 25, 2023


    **MUSEUM OF FLIGHT SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: The Museum of Flight in Seattle is pleased to announce several scholarship opportunities with awards ranging from $2,000-$29,500. For more info and to apply, go to https://museumofflight.academicworks.com/. Deadline: February 5, 2023


    **ELKS NATIONAL FOUNDATION LEGACY AWARDS: Children and grandchildren of a living Elk member is invited to apply. For more info and to apply, go to www.elks.org/scholars/scholarships/legacy.cfm.

    Deadline: February 6, 2023


    ROGER FREEMAN MEMEORIAL AWARD: Roger Freeman embodied a life of unselfishness and kindness especially when it came to the youth our city and region. Federal Way’s Diversity Commission would like to award $250 for up to 4 high school scholars from Federal Way committed to Diversity, Integrity, Compassion, & Justice. to apply, go to www.cityoffederalway.com/content/diversity-commission.

    Deadline: Febuary 6, 2023, at 12 PM


    *TACOMA LINKS SCHOLARSHIP: Seniors must be US citizens of African descent pursuing an undergraduate degree or technical training at an accredited technical college. Go to https://tacomalinksinc.org/ and click the

    2023 application link on the right-hand side of the page for the application and instructions.

    Deadline: February 13, 2023 by 11:59 PM


    **WSECU SCHOLARSHIP: WSECU awards $1,500 for two-year college or vocational school students and $2,500 four-year college or graduate school students. A total of $65,000 will be awarded. You must be a WSECU member, be enrolled in a school/program and use the scholarship for the fall 2020 semester. Apply online here: https://wsecu.org/scholarships.  Deadline: February 13, 2023


    **DAVIDSON FELLOWS’ SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship awards $50,000, $25,000, and $10,000 to students 18 and younger who have completed a significant piece of work in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, literature, music, and ‘outside the box.’ Read full details and submit your application here:

    www.davidsongifted.org/fellows-scholarship.  Deadline: February 15, 2023


    *HISPANIC SCHOLARSHIP FUND: This scholarship is open to students who are US citizens, permanent legal residents or have DACA status and have Hispanic heritage. Students must have a 3.0 GPA and have submitted their FAFSA or WASFA. For more info and to apply, go to https://www.hsf.net/scholarship

    Deadline: February 15, 2023


    WASHINGTON STATE PTA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: Students must have a current GPA of al least a 3.4, three volunteer activities and write a 500 word essay answering the question “How has volunteering within my community helped me today and into the future:” To apply, got to www.wastatepta.org/events-programs/scholarship-program/.  Deadline: February 15, 2022


    **GORDON A. RICH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: $50,000 over 4 years. The recipients of GAR scholarships are exceptionally qualified high school students with demonstrated financial need whose parents or guardians have, or had, a career in the financial services industry. Students must have 3.5 on the 4.0 grading scale. http://www.gordonrich.org/html/index.html.  Deadline: February 16, 2023


    THE CHRISTOPHERS’ 30th ANNUAL POSTER CONTEST FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: This contest is open to students in grades 9-12 and are to interpret the theme of “You Can Make A Difference” in an original poster. Prizes vary so for more info go to, www.christophers.org/poster-contest.  Deadline: February 16, 2023


    **THE VEGETARIAN RESOURCE GROUP SCHOLARSHIP: One award of $10,000 and two awards of $5,000. A scholarship for graduating seniors who have promoted vegetarianism in their school and/or communities. Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, or fowl. Vegans and vegetarians who do not use other animal products such as dairy or eggs. www.vrg.org/student/scholar.htmDeadline: February 20, 2023


    ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER PROFESSIONALS IN EDUCATION (ACPE) SCHOLARSHIPS: This scholarship opens December. ACPE annually awards scholarships to outstanding students in Washington and Oregon who have demonstrated a high involvement with technology during their high school careers. This year $10,000 has been allocated for scholarships up to $2,000 each to be awarded to graduating high school seniors who are planning to pursue studies in a technology related field. Go to www.acpenw.org/scholarships.

    Deadline: February 21, 2023


    ***AMS MINORITY SCHOLARSHIPS: The AMS Minority Scholarships will award funding to minority students who have been traditionally underrepresented in the sciences, especially Hispanic, Native American, and Black/African American students. Funding for the scholarships are established through donations made by members to the AMS Giving Program. The $6,000 two-year scholarship is for $3000 per year during freshman and sophomore years (second-year funding depends on successful completion of the first academic year). www.ametsoc.org/index.cfm/ams/information-for/students/ams-scholarships-and-fellowships/ams-minority-scholarships/.  Deadline: February 24, 2023


    BMW/SAE ENGINEERING SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is awarded to a high school senior who plans to pursue an engineering or related science degree through an ABET accredited program. Applicants must be a US citizen and have a minimum 3.75 cumulative GPA. For more info and to apply, go to www.sae.org/participate/scholarships.  Deadline: March 28, 2023


    RAINIER OLYMPIC NURSES ASSOCIATION (RONA) SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is for students who has a permanent address in Pierce, Thurston, Mason, Kitsap, Grays Harbor, Jefferson or Clallam counties. It is to support the educational goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. For application and information, please go to https://rainierolympicnurses.org/scholarships/.  Deadline: February 28, 2023


    **THE DREAM NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP: National Scholarship is essentially the “Pell Grant” for highly motivated DREAMers with significant, unmet financial need. They consider your GPA and test scores, with great emphasis on your demonstrated commitment to community service and your ability to overcome the barriers and challenges that DREAMers face every day. This scholarship is worth up to $33,000 at one of our Partner Colleges. For more info and to apply, go to www.thedream.us/scholarships/national-scholarship.

    Deadline: February 28, 2023


    **WASHINGTON STATE OPPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is worth up to $22,500 over 5 years and is open to students who plan on getting a bachelor’s degree in an area of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, etc. There are over 120 eligible areas of study! For more info and to apply, go to


    Deadline: February 28, 2023 by 11:59 PM




    EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE:  Varying scholarships and amounts offered by Evergreen State College. Required documents are a letter of application, letters of recommendation and transcripts. See the flyer listing the amounts and eligibility criteria at www.evergreen.edu/scholarships  Deadline: March 1, 2023


    AFA TEENS FOR ALZHEIMER’S AWARENESS COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP ESSAY CONTEST: This is an annual competition for college-bound high school seniors and applicants are asked to write a 1,200-1,500-word essay that describes the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on themselves, their families, or their communities and what they have learned in light of coping with the brain disorder. For more info and to apply, go to https://alzfdn.org/young-leaders-of-afa/scholarship-contest/.  Deadline: March 1, 2023

    *ACS SCHOLARS PROGRAM: The American Chemical Society (ACS) Scholars Program awards approximately 100 scholarships to encourage the best and brightest African American, Hispanic and Native American students to pursue undergraduate degrees in the chemical sciences. The award value is up to $5,000. Applications are available online at www.acs.org/content/acs/en/funding-and-awards/scholarships/acsscholars.html.

    Deadline: March 1, 2023


    AMERICAN INDIAN ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP: Scholarship awards range from about $500 to $2,000. Approximately 15 students are selected each year to receive the awards. These students are eligible to receive their college scholarships for up to five years. Renewal scholarships are not automatic and require submission of the application each year. Find application materials here: https://wsac.wa.gov/american-indian-endowed-scholarship.  Deadline: March 1, 2023


    AMERICAN WELDING SOCIETY FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS: These scholarships are for students planning to enroll in a welding or welding-related program. Scholarships are for students attending trade schools, community colleges and four-year universities., Funds cover tuition, fees, books, supplies or equipment required for the course of instruction. To apply, go to www.aws.org/foundation/page/scholarships.

    Deadline: March 1, 2023


    CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY: Students can fill out one application to be considered for over 300 scholarships at CWU. Students must login using their MyCWU account. For directions, go to www.cwu.edu/scholarships/scholarship-central#new%20applicants.  Deadline: March 1, 2023


    GREATER SEATTLE WA CHAPTER OF THE LINKS INCORPORATED SCHOLARSHIP: The Greater Seattle (WA) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated was established in 1955 with a commitment to enriching, sustaining, and ensuring the identities, culture, and economic survival of African Americans and persons of African descent. Scholarships will be awarded to qualified high school seniors of African American descent who reside in King, Snohomish, Kitsap, Clallam and Jefferson counties, are U.S. citizens and demonstrate exemplary leadership in their family, school and the African American Community. Scholarship awards up to $15,000. An essay, letter of recommendation, test scores, and more are required to apply. Application can be found here: https://seattlefoundation.smapply.org/prog/Links_Scholarship/Deadline: March 1, 2023


    MARINE CORPS UNDERGRADUATE AND ASSOCIATE DEGREE SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is for undergraduate students including those pursuing non-degree certificate programs that are longer than 12 months. For eligibility and application, go to www.mcsf.org/scholarship/.  Deadline: March 1, 2023


    RITA’S FIRST-GEN SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is open to any high school senior who will be a first-generation college student. Refugees are strongly encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate is a student who has experienced obstacles or sacrifice in pursuit of their education. For more info and to apply, go to https://bold.org/scholarships/rita-scholarship/#:~:text=This%20scholarship%20is%20open%20to,in%20pursuit%20of%20their%20educationDeadline: March 1, 2023


    ROBERT J HANDY & WSSR FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS: Seniors who plan to pursue a career in the field of education, with majors in one of teacher, counselor, speech therapist, occupational therapist or psychologist are encouraged to apply. To apply, go to https://wssra.org/index.php/foundation/scholarships/scholarship-application-pg1. Deadline: March 1, 2023


    SCHOLARSHIP FOR GOLFERS: This $1,000 scholarship is open to all seniors who are US citizens and play golf in any capacity. Go to https://primeputt.com/products/golf#scholarship for more info and to apply.

    Deadline: January 15, 2023


    SEED FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: The SEED Foundation's SEED Scholar Program is proud to support Indian youth with scholarships for higher education. The SEED Scholar program has now developed into one of the largest scholarship programs run by Indians for Indian youth. This scholarship can only cover tuition expenses. Learn more and apply here: www.seedfoundation.org/scholarship.html.  Deadline: March 1, 2023


    WASHINGTON STATE ELKS’ ASSOCIATION WSEA VOCATIONAL GRANT: Seniors planning to attend a vocational/technical program at a community college or technical school are eligible to apply. For application and instructions, go to https://waelks.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/VocGrantApplication.pdf.

    Deadline: March 1, 2023


    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HUMAN GENETICS ESSAY CONTEST: The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) invites you to participate in the 12th Annual DNA Day Essay Contest. The contest is open to students in grades 9-12. The contest aims to challenge students to examine, question, and reflect on important concepts in genetics. Essays are expected to contain substantive, well-reasoned arguments indicative of a depth of understanding of the concepts related to the essay question. Essays are read and evaluated by several independent judges through three rounds of scoring. www.ashg.org/education/dnaday.shtml.

    Deadline: March 2, 2023


    ANNUAL DNA DAY ESSAY CONTEST: This contest is open to students in grades 9-12 and asks students to examine, question and reflect on important concepts in genetics. Award amounts vary between $100-$1,000. For more info and to apply, go to www.ashg.org/dna-day/.  Deadline: March 2, 2023


    CREATE-A-GREETING CARD SCHOLARSHIP: Submit your original photo, artwork, or graphic design for the front of a greeting card. The winner will be decided with a vote and will receive $10,000 plus $1,000 for their school. Read full details and submit your design here: www.gallerycollection.com/greeting-cards-scholarship.htm.

    Deadline: March 2, 2023


    CANCER UNWRAPPED WRITING CONTEST: Have you survived cancer? Have you watched a loved one or friend deal with cancer? We want to hear your story! The Cancer Unwrapped High School Writing Contest invites students to submit essays about their experience with cancer for the opportunity to win one of several $1,000 cash prizes. Winning essays will be well-written, compelling and emotionally honest. Open to students in grades 9-12 in Washington State. Essays must be between 500-2000 words. For more info and to apply, go to https://cancerpathways.org/cancer-unwrapped/Deadline: March 3, 2023


    SOUND CREDIT UNION: Scholarships of $1,000 each will be awarded to seniors with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who are prime members of Sound Credit Union for a minimum of six months prior to the application deadline. The account must be open and active by January 31, 2022, to be eligible. Students are selected based on six weighted categories including academic performance, school and community activities, essay, financial need, and length of membership. Go to www.soundcu.com/scholarship/.  Deadline: March 3, 2023


    UFCW 21 SCHOLARSHIPS: Eligible students must be members of UFCW or children of members in good standing. One scholarship for $4,000/year for four years, two $3,000 scholarships in a food related field, one $2,000 scholarship for first generation college students as well as six $2,000 scholarships for full time students and 4 $1,000 scholarships for part time students will be awarded. Students who work for Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Safeway and QFC should ask their employers. For details and an application go to: www.ufcw21.org/scholarship/?rq=scholarship.  Deadline: March 3, 2023 by 4 PM


    EWING C. KELLY SCHOLARSHIP: The Ewing C. Kelly scholarship recognizes students who demonstrate good citizenship while attaining their academic goals. Students will be judged on academics, extra-curricular activities and financial need. The award value is $2,500. Applications are available at: http://kellyfoundationwashington.org/.  Deadline: Postmarked by March 10, 2023


    INTERTRIBAL TIMBER COUNCIL TRUMAN D. PICARD SCHOLARSHIP: For Native American/Alaskan students pursuing a higher education in natural resources. The award amount is $1,500 for graduating high school seniors. Applications are available at www.itcnet.org/about_us/scholarships.html.

    Deadline: March 10, 2023


    HISPANIC SCHOLARSHIP FUND: This site is the home of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the nation’s largest provider of college financial aid for Latino students. Students can apply to multiple scholarships using this website. Eligible students must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, complete the FAFSA (DACA applicants must submit household income information) and be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents with a valid permanent resident card or a passport stamped I-551 (not expired) or be granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA status at the time of submission of their application. Apply at www.hsf.net/scholarship.  Deadline: March 15, 2023


    USDA 1890 NATIONAL SCHOLARS PROGRAM: Scholarships are awarded annually and must be used at one of the 1890 Historically Black Land-Grant Universities. Each award provides full tuition, as well as room and board, for the term of the scholarship and is renewable each year if satisfactory progress is being made. For more info and to apply, go to www.usda.gov/partnerships/1890NationalScholars.  Deadline: March 15, 2023


    WOMEN AT MICROSOFT SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship seeks to empower and enable high school senior women to go to college, realized the impact technology has on the world and target a career in the technology industry. For more info and to apply, go to https://seattlefoundation.smapply.org/prog/women_at_microsoft_scholarship/.  Deadline: March 15, 2023


    **2023 CASCADE WARBIRDS MEMORIAL YOUTH FLIGHT TRAINING SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is for students who are interested in learning the art, avocation, or the career of flying. Winners will receive private pilot ground school materials and classroom instruction, plus their first two instructional flights. For more details and to apply, go to www.cascadewarbirds.org/youth/.  Deadline: March 17, 2023


    ZETA OMEGA OMEGA SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is for African American students who are US citizens, have a minimum of 2.7 GPA and plan to attend an accredited university, college, or technical institution. Application and requirements can be found at www.zooaka.org/scholarship-application.

    Deadline: March 20, 2023


    CHIN: SHUI KUEN AND ALLEN CHIN SCHOLARSHIP: Up to 2 awards of $1,000 will be awarded to incoming freshmen with a 3.0 minimum GPA, community advocacy and social justice work on behalf of Asian American, immigrant, gay and lesbian and/or other progressive causes, a financial need, and be working or have a parent current or formerly working at an Asian-owned or Asian cuisine restaurant. Find full details and apply here: www.tfaforms.com/4949339Deadline: March 24, 2023



    CEDAR EDUCATION LENDING SCHOLARSHIP: Simply apply with your basic information and be entered to win a random drawing of $500! Drawings are quarterly. Apply here: https://cedaredlending.com/scholarship/.

    Deadline: March 31, 2023


    DAVIS PUTTER SCHOLARSHIP FUND: This need-based scholarship is for students active in movement for social and economic justice and are awarded up to $15,000 a year. For more info and to apply, go to

    https://davisputter.org/apply-for-scholarships/.  Deadline: March 31, 2023


    FOSTER CARE TO SUCCESS: This scholarship awards foster care youth $2500-$5000 each year up to five years in school. The student must be or expect to be accepted into an accredited college or post-secondary institution. Based on need and merit. Read full requirements and apply online here: www.fc2success.org/our-programs/information-for-students/.  Deadline: March 31, 2023


    NATIONAL FEDERATION OF THE BLIND SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: This scholarship will give out 30 merit-based scholarships and students must be legally blind, 18 years old by July 5, 2022, be pursuing a college full time in the fall of 2022 and participate in the NFB National Convention. For more info and to apply, go to https://nfb.org/programs-services/scholarships-and-awards/scholarship-program.

    Deadline: March 31, 2023


    HEARTHSTONE HOUSING FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is available to students from 15–25 years of age who either reside in a Hearthstone Housing Foundation property or in a county where there is a Hearthstone property. Students must have a financial need and a minimum 3.0 GPA (high school). Awards range from $500 to $5,000. Application requires personal statement, letters of recommendations, official transcript, as well as an interview. For information and to apply go to: www.hearthstonehousing.org/scholarship.  Deadline: March 31, 2023 by 11:59 PM


    RED CANOE CREDIT UNION W.C. OHLFS SCHOLARSHIP: The scholarship is for senior students with a minimum 3.0 GPA and who are account holders at Red Canoe Credit Union. Fourteen scholarships will be awarded, one $3,000, five $2,000, four $1,500 (one specifically to a vocational student) and four $1,000 awards. Applications at: www.redcanoecu.com/community-giving/scholarship-program/.  Deadline: March 31, 2023 by 11:59 PM


    STARS PROGRAM: UW SEATTLE ENGINEERING & COMPUTER SCIENCE: This program supports engineering and computer science students from low-income, first-generation and underserved backgrounds in navigating the transition to college-level courses. STARS is a two-year program with a specialized curriculum designed to build learning skills and strengthen academic preparation for core math and science prerequisites. For more info and to apply, go to www.engr.washington.edu/stars.  Deadline: March 31, 2023


    THORNTON MCELROY SCHOLARSHIP: These merit awards will be given to five male and five female students for up to $3,000. Eligible applicants are all high school seniors who are Washington state residents planning to attend a 4-year university, 2-year community college or technical school. Learn more and find application materials at: www.wa-masoniccharities.org/webhost/scholarships.  Deadline: March 31, 2023


    UCB FAMILY EPILEPSY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMThe UCB will be giving out 33 of these one-time scholarships to people living with epilepsy, their family members and caregivers who are pursuing higher education. To apply, go to https://www.ucbepilepsyscholarship.com/  Deadline: March 31, 2023

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