Ask Your Child About Class Assignments and Questions to Ask the Teacher

Questions You May Consider Asking Your Student, to Find Out if He/She Understands Class Assignments…

    1. Can you show me some of the work you’ve done in your class?
    2. Will you teach me something new you’ve learned in class today?
    3. Can you see the board and hear the teacher from where you sit in class?
    4. What do you do when you don’t understand what the teacher is covering in class?
    5. Would you like to sit in the meeting with me when I check with the teacher about your progress?

Questions You Can Ask Your Student’s Teacher At Your Next School Conference That May Help you Suppor

    1. What’s the best way for us to start or maintain good communication for my student’s benefit?
    2. What are some things I can do to help my student succeed in your class?
    3. What are the classroom activities that seem to keep my student engaged in learning?
    4. What strengths and interests do you think my student has developed in your class?
    5. Who should I talk to if I have questions or concerns about my student’s performance in school?