Parent Leadership Institute

Parent Leadership in Action

  • The Parent Leadership Institute helps parents develop a customized partnership process for their student’s academic success. It is designed to make parents more aware of opportunities to support their child’s academic success through home and school partnerships. It’s available for every parent, guardian or family member connected to the 22,000 students served in our school district.

    Parents begin their connection to the Parent Leadership Institute by attending a workshop titled Partnership 101, where participants:

    • Identify ways they can gain a greater understanding of their children’s strengths and interests.
    • Participate in role-playing parent/teacher conversations and learn key tips on becoming effective communicators.
    • Develop a clear step-by-step framework and ideas for helping guide their students to educational success from kindergarten to college.
    • Complete their own one-page support plan to use as a resource in future meetings with others (teachers, counselor, mentors or other supportive family members) that will help them support their student’s success.

    After they have attended the Parent Leadership Institute workshop, parents are introduced to ongoing involvement opportunities based on their student’s specific interests and needs. These opportunities will be closely tied to what is already happening throughout the year in schools, the district and the community. This allows parents to engage in ways relevant to their family’s needs, interests and availability.

Partnership 101 Workshop

Partnership 101 Handbook

  • This booklet was created as a tool to help start the conversations  that can support authentic, meaningful, and effective partnerships between families and school staff, as they work together to support student success.

In the School

In the District

In the Community