What Does Effective Advocacy Look Like?

  • An advocate is one who pleads another’s cause in support of something. A parent can be their child’s best advocate. When advocating for your child, consider using this three-step approach.

What are the Steps to Effective Advocacy?

  • Step One: Approach the right person in as professional a manner as possible

    Ask yourself these questions;

    • Is this the person who can help me come up with effective solutions and enforce the solution if agreement is made?
    • Will my approach motivate and encourage the person to cooperate?


    Step Two: Clearly identify what you need

    Ask yourself these questions:

    • How is my child performing? What can we do as partners to raise his/her performance?
    • What do I want this person to do for my student or me?


    Step Three: Have an idea of some options or be prepared to discuss options that can help those involved come to a mutually agreeable resolution.

    Ask yourself these questions;

    • What can I do to partner with staff to help my student?
    • What resources and policies are in place to help me address or resolve my concerns?

What Does an Effective Advocate Know?

    • General and current information about their student’s progress in class
    • How to communicate in a way that can bring about desired results
    • The person they can contact to get information
    • Their rights and responsibilities
    • The services and resources available and the policies that govern those services

When Should I Advocate for My Child?

    • When you have concerns about your child’s education that have not been addressed
    • When you recognize gaps in services that may hinder your child’s ability to learn

How Do I Know When I Need Support from the Family & Community Partnership Advocate?

    • When you are unsure about roles and responsibilities
    • When there are gaps in your understanding of policies or procedures
    • When you do not feel that you have been understood


    If you would like to know more about Federal Way School District’s Family Advocacy partnership, call 253-945-2273.