Home-Based Instruction

Forms and Requirements

  • 1) Parent must have 45 college credits (not in any specific area) or complete an “approved” home-schooling course. (Courses are available at most community/vocational colleges and through the Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO). Instruction generally consists of two evenings and/or Saturdays over a two-week period. WHO also offers the course through a series of video tapes. Tuition runs approximately $100.)

    2) If a parent/guardian does not meet the above standard, he/she may have the student supervised by a teacher “certified” in the State of Washington. This person must assist in the lesson planning and have contact with the student an average of one hour per week. Each “teacher” may supervise a maximum of 30 students.

    3) Parent must file a “Declaration of Intent” to provide home-based instruction with the district where he/she lives or with the district providing ancillary services or part-time attendance (if student has transferred to a non-resident district for these services.) The Intent must be filed annually at the designated district office by September 15 or within two weeks of the start of any semester, trimester, etc. Federal Way Public Schools (FWPS) also allows parents to file at interim periods, but is not obligated to provide parent/guardian with student progress reports if they choose to exercise this alternate option. Forms are filed with FWPS at the ESC, 33330 8th Ave South, Federal Way, WA 98003, or you may download the form here and email it to efinlay@fwps.org.

Declaration of Intent to Homeschool

  • 4) Parents must ensure that an approved standardized test is administered annually. Families can participate in school-district testing if the District is testing at the student’s grade level. To participate in such testing, parents must notify the school of their intent to do so 10 school days prior to the scheduled testing. Students must be enrolled in their “service area” school for this designated period of time.

    5) Parents may also have an “annual” evaluation done (in lieu of standardized testing) by a teacher certified in Washington State and currently working in the field of education. (FWPS does not provide staff or referrals for this purpose.)

    6) FWPS does not provide books or curriculum. (Please see Supplemental Resource and Referral Info sheet for information.)

    7) Parent is responsible for maintaining student’s “home-school” permanent record, and must ensure that this information is furnished to any public or private school the student may enroll in.

    8) Home-schooled students may enroll in their service area school “part-time” on a course-by-course basis. They must attend each course they enroll in whenever that class meets. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent. If the student lives in an area served by FWPS buses, and the course is scheduled at a time that corresponds with the bus schedule, the student may ride the bus.

    Please visit the ESC to file the form, or download it below and scan it to efinlay@fwps.org.

Request for Part-Time Attendance

  • 9) Home-schooled students attending “part-time” may participate in any transfer options (Choice enrollment) available to all other students. (Same rules apply.)

    10) Internet Academy, an on-line instructional program operated by FWPS is available to all home-schooled students. Please call 253-945-2230 or visit their website athttp://www.iacademy.org for registration forms and information.

Home School Running Start

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