Elementary Programs: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

  • Designed for next year’s 1st—5th grade scholars, programs are by invitation only due to limited space.  Program options are: 

    STEM Program

    ARTS Program

    Enterprise, Olympic View, Nautilus K-8, Camelot

    Woodmont K-8

    Camp Invention’s™ SuperChargedTMScholars will plan, design, and create through The Innovation Force™, Deep Sea Mystery™, Farm Tech™ and DIY Orbot™. 

    Sphero Robotics.  Scholars will program Sphero, the round robot, to follow directions, accomplish challenges, and complete tasks. 

    Gardening Science.  Scholars will learn the science of gardening, plant vegetables, and put tools into action as they nurture a school garden.

    Reading & Math.  Scholars will practice reading and math through IRLA and math counting games.


    Scholars on Stage—Drama, Reading, Choir & the Performing ArtsThis camp prepares scholars for their time in the spotlight.  Scholars explore musical theatre and improvisation from the script, music, and songs to the sets and props. 

    Choir.  Scholars will read to sing then demonstrate fluency and rhythm when performing songs for real audiences. 

    Drama.  Scholars will learn about acting.  They will write a script for a play, develop a character, and learn costume design.  

    Musical Instruments.  Scholars learn the basics of instrumental music—notes, rhythm and technique—by playing drums, mallet instruments, and recorders.



    ARTS Scholars on Stage—Drama, Reading, Choir and the Performing Arts
    One Location:  Woodmont K-8

    STEM Camp InventionTMSuperChargedTM, Sphero, Gardening, Reading & Math
    Four Locations:  Enterprise, Olympic View, Nautilus K-8, Camelot 

    …go to this school for STEM Inspired Camp Invention

    AREA 1

    AREA 2

    AREA 3

    AREA 4


    Olympic View

    Nautilus K-8



    Scholars whose home school is…


    Olympic View
    Green Gables
    Silver Lake
    Twin Lakes

    Nautilus K-8
    Lake Grove
    Mark Twain
    Mirror Lake
    Woodmont K-8

    Lake Dolloff
    Meredith Hill
    Star Lake


Summer Learning Enrollment:

  • If you would like to enroll your scholar in one of the above Elementary Summer Learning programs, follow these steps:

    1. Ask your scholar’s principal if your child meets program requirements.
    2. If so, complete the program registration form available from your scholar’s school.
    3. Give the completed registration form to the office by May 31.
    4. Space is limited and filled on a first come basis.
    5. If you have questions, contact your school’s principal, office manager, or interventionist.


Federal Way Public Schools 2019 Summer Learning

  • Federal Way Public Schools provides summer learning opportunities by invitation due to limited space to scholars who qualify.



    Grade Level

    Summer Program

    Next year’s 1st—5th

    Elementary STEM

    Next year’s 1st—5th

    Elementary ARTS

    Next year’s 6th

    Middle Bridge

    Next year’s 7th—10th

    Secondary STEAM Career

    Current 9th—12th

    Credit Recovery


    • No cost to scholars or families
    • All programs meet Monday through Thursday
    • June 26 to July 25
    • Breakfast, lunch, and transportation are provided. Bus stops and times will be provided the week of June 17
    • Routes will also be posted @ fwps.org beginning June 21