March 12, 2018

  • During its meeting on March 12, 2018, the Design Oversight Committee (DOC) focused on staff, scholar, and community feedback provided during the first Bond Project Information Sessions (Ed Specs) held from Feb. 26-March 1 at the four elementary schools (Lake Grove, Wildwood, Mirror Lake and Star Lake). The DOC will focus on the reviewing stakeholder input regarding the four elementary schools for several meetings, with each meeting having an emphasis on a different aspect of the school. At this meeting, the DOC emphasized learning environments, including classroom space, group learning space, and how these spaces connect to each other and the rest of the school. 

    The DOC began with a discussion of the various activities that happen each day in an elementary school setting, which were broken up into seven catgegories - Learn, Apply, Create, Collaboration and Social Emotional Development, Perform/Present, Nourish, and Exercise. The group reviewed stakeholder input and discussed how this feedback integrates with the daily activities in an elementary school and industry best practices, as well as the district's strategic plan and guiding principles.  

    Documents from the meeting: