Coach O Registration

Registration Tutorial

  • Registration is now open. Please find the registration tutorial here:


    1. When asked which meet are you entering – click on School/College Icon
    2. Click "ONLINE REGISTRATION" to open the calendar page
    3. Entry deadline for D1 and D2 scholar athlete's events into Coach O is Friday, April 26
    4. Select the meet you want to enter
    5. Click "Enter the Meet" 
    6. Register grades 3-5 only - Do not enter K-2 or relays

    *After Ron Mattila Classic Meet is over, you will only have five days to add events. 


  • All 3-5th grade students must be entered prior to the first meet - Ron Matilla Classic. The deadline for entering D1 & D2 scholar athletes events into Coach O is Friday, April 26 - No exceptions

Helpful Tips

  • When entering your athletes into COACH O, break down into 6 groups as follows and then enter one group at a time. This will eliminate adding students to the wrong grade level.

    1. 3rd grade girls
    2. 3rd grade boys
    3. 4th grade girls
    4. 4th grade boys
    5. 5th grade girls
    6. 5th grade boys