General Information and Guidelines for Coaches

  • Intramural/medical information must be filled out by all students wishing to compete.  Forms are mandatory.  Students who have not filled out forms prior to the first meet will not compete.

    • A nurse as well as security guards will be at all FWPS Elementary Track Meets.
    • All meets will be held at Federal Way Memorial Field, 1300 South 308th Street, Federal Way, WA. 98003 
    • Athlete Conduct - A participant who exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct could be disqualified from the meet. Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as conduct which is deemed unfair or language that will discredit the individual or other participants, disrespectfully addressing an official, using profanity, criticizing or taunting another participant or official or any other behavior deemed inappropriate by meet management. We will first talk to the scholar athlete and bring in coach and/or parent to discuss the issue to work towards restorative process, hopefully enabling them to finish the meet.   
    • Both Running & Field Events will be closed 5 minutes after final call. No exceptions. If athlete has to leave a field event for a running event, coaches should make sure they get at least one jump or throw in. In the event a running event is called while students are at a field event, they will be held at the field event until 3rd call in order to ensure they have the opportunity to complete the field event. 
    • Coaches/parents will not be allowed on the field during Qualifying or Championship Meet
    • QUALIFYING & CHAMPIONSHIP MEETS: One Coach from each school will need to stop by the office to pick-up their envelope which will contain wrist bands and name tags.  It will be up to the coaches to add name tag to wrist bands as students check in with coach/school.  Do not do wrist bands in advance as numerous Scholar Athletes will not show up.  Envelopes with remaining wrist bands will then be returned to the office with balance of name tags to be used at a later date. STUDENTS WILL NOT RUN UP A GRADE LEVEL IN ANY EVENT – K-2 will not compete running up at Qualifying meet. 
    • Coaches must bring completed Intramural/medical information on all of your students to meets with you. Information may be required to verify student was initially registered or in the event parent contact information needed.
    • Lane Assignments - Coaches should speak with scholar athletes about staying in their assigned lanes. This will be extremely important at the 3-5th grade qualifying meet.    
    • Results will be provided to all coaches the Monday after each qualifying/championship meet. Remember, only the top 8 out of each division will advance from Qualifying to Championship Meet.


    Championship Meet: General Gate Admission  -  CASH ONLY

    Children under 18 & seniors:  free   

    Adults:  $5.00