Leadership Team

  • James Crawford

    Dr. James Crawford

    Chief Academic Officer

    Phone: 253-945-2016
    Email: jcrawfor@fwps.org
  • Sally McLean

    Sally McLean

    Chief Finance and Operations Officer

    Phone: 253-945-2042
    Email: smclean@fwps.org
  • Martin Boonstra

    Martin Boonstra

    Learning Improvement Officer

    Phone: 253-945-2187
    Email: mboonstr@fwps.org
  • Craig Tutt

    Craig Tutt

    Executive Director of Equity for Scholar and Family Success

    Phone: 253-945-2160
    Email: ctutt@fwps.org 
  • Jennifer Carrougher

    Jennifer Carrougher

    Executive Director of Business Services

    Phone: 253-945-2045
    Email: jcarroug@fwps.org
  • Tony Frascone

    Tony Frascone

    Executive Director of Human Resources

    Phone: 253-945-2078

    Email: tfrascon@fwps.org
  • Barb Piguet

    Barb Piguet

    Director of Accounting and Purchasing

    Phone: 253-945-2037
    Email: bpiguet@fwps.org
  • Jane Miller

    Jane Miller

    Director of Instructional Technology

    Phone: 253-945-2133
    Email: jmiller@fwps.org
  • Melissa Spencer

    Dr. Melissa Spencer

    Director of PreK-5 Standards Based Instruction 

    Phone: 253-945-2122
    Email: mspencer@fwps.org
  • Paul Vang

    Paul Vang

    Director of Safety and Security

    Phone: 253-945-2291
    Email: pvang@fwps.org
  • Stephanie Zikopoulos

    Stephanie Zikopoulos

    Director of Multi-Lingual Education 

    Phone: 253-945-2002
    Email: szikopou@fwps.org
  • Shirley Wike

    Shirley Wike

    Maintenance and Operations Manager

    Phone: 253-945-5932
    Email: swike@fwps.org
  • Dr. Dani Pfeiffer

    Dr. Dani Pfeiffer

    Deputy Superintendent

    Phone: 253-945-2083
    Email: dpfeiffe@fwps.org
  • Kassie Swenson

    Kassie Swenson

    Chief Communications Officer

    Phone: 253-945-2262
    Email: kswenson@fwps.org
  •  Diane Ellis

    Diane Ellis

    Learning Improvement Officer

    Phone: 253-945-2185
    Email: dellis@fwps.org
  • Alisa DeSart

    Alisa DeSart

    Executive Director of Leadership Development and Evaluation

    Phone: 253-945-2040
    Email: adesart@fwps.org
  • Dan Dizon

    Dan Dizon

    Executive Director of Human Resources and Community Outreach

    Phone: 253-945-2007
    Email: ddizon@fwps.org
  • Mike Benzien

    Mike Benzien

    Executive Director of Maintenance and Operations

    Phone: 253-945-5965
    Email: mbenzien@fwps.org
  • placeholder

    Cathy Reesman

    Director of Elementary Student Support Services 

    Phone: 253-945-2084
    Email: creesman@fwps.org
  • Dr. Cherlyn Pijanowski

    Dr. Cherlyn Pijanowski

    Director of Categorical Programs

    Phone: 253-945-2170
    Email: cpijanow@fwps.org
  • Jeri Carlson

    Jeri Carlson

    Director of Budget and Grants

    Phone: 253-945-2069
    Email: jcarlson@fwps.org 
  • Michelle Turner

    Michelle Turner

    Transportation Manager

    Phone: 253-945-5963
    Email: mturner@fwps.org
  • Royce Badley

    Royce Badly

    Director of Career and Technical Education

    Phone: 253-945-5830
    Email: rbadley@fwps.org
  • Trise Moore

    Trise Moore

    Director of Equity and Family Engagement 

    Phone: 253-945-2273
    Email: tmoore@fwps.org
  • Michael Swartz

    Michael Swartz

    Executive Director of Capital Projects

    Phone: 253-945-2018

    Email: mswartz@fwps.org 
  • Karrie McBroom

    Karrie McBroom

    Executive Administrative Assistant

    Phone: 253-945-2013
    Email: kmcbroom@fwps.org
  • David Brower

    David Brower

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Phone: 253-945-2049
    Email: dbrower@fwps.org
  • Paul Ross

    Paul Ross

    Chief Technology Officer

    Phone: 253-945-2110
    Email: pross@fwps.org
  • Marla Newton

    Marla Newton

    Learning Improvement Officer

    Phone: 253-945-2188
    Email: mnewton@fwps.org
  • Jennifer

    Dr. Jennifer Westover

    Executive Director of Student Support Services

    Phone: 253-945-2143
    Email: jwestove@fwps.org
  • Janet Hodson

    Janet Hodson

    Executive Director of Human Resources

    Phone: 253-945-2020
    Email: jhodson@fwps.org
  • Shawn Simpson

    Shawn Simpson

    Exective Director of Teaching for Learning

    Phone: 253-945-2126
    Email: ssimpson@fwps.org
  • Alisha Peretti

    Alisha Peretti

    Director of Nutrition Services

    Phone: 253-945-5570
    Email: aperetti@fwps.org
  • David Stone

    David Stone

    Director of Equity, Mentoring and Student Success

    Phone: 253-945-2015
    Email: dstone@fwps.org
  • placeholder

    Julie Moore

    Secondary Director of Student Support Services

    Phone: (253) 945-2090
    Email: jumoore@fwps.org
  • Placeholder Image, photo coming soon   

    Pam Jacobson

    Director of Payroll and Benefits

    Phone: 253-945-2061
    Email: pjacobso@fwps.org
  • Sammy Anderson

    Sammy Anderson

    Director of College and Career Readiness

    Phone: 253-945-2183
    Email: samander@fwps.org
  • Whitney Chiang

    Whitney Chiang

    Director of Multimedia Communications

    Phone: 253-945-2263
    Email: wchiang@fwps.org 
  • Placeholder image, photo coming soon

    Diana Kasube

    Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability

    Phone: 253-945-2059
    Email: dkasube@fwps.org