How to Navigate


  • Welcome to the FWPS Public Portal! These dashboards intend to provide a current snapshot of the Federal Way School District in support of our multi-year strategic plan.

    There are 8 dashboards, arranged into 4 major subject areas:

    • Scorecard - A high-level overview of the District's progress toward achieving our Strategic Plan Goals

    • Goal 1 through Goal 5 - More detailed looks at each of the metrics contributing to the Strategic Plan Goals

    • Enrollment - A look at the District's Enrollment numbers

    • Equity - A look at key metrics through the lens of equity as it pertains to Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Special Services


  • All dashboards can be navigated-to directly by using the tabs at the top of the screen:


    Additionally, from the SCORECARD, dashboards for GOAL 1-5 can be accessed by clicking the colored dots pertaining to that Goal's metrics:

                                                                                               Metric Button

     Once on the SCORECARD, GOAL 1-5 or ENROLLMENT dashboards, the views can be filtered by:

    • Level - One of: Academies, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools or High Schools
    • School - The name of a particular school or group of schools




    Both filters support multiple choices, as well as having an (All) choice, selected by default.