Bonds are for Buildings. Levies are for Learning.

What is a levy?

    • Levies support educational programs.
    • Levies require a 50 percent plus one voter approval.
    • Levies provide necessary supports for schools and scholars including technology, staff compensation, additional staffing and programs to adequately support schools’ and scholars’ needs.
    • The Educational Programs & Operation (EP&O) Levy supports enhancements and enrichments to the day-to-day operations, and is up for renewal February 2018.

What is a Bond?

    • Bonds are for new construction or the rebuilding or expansion of school facilities.
    • Bonds require a 60 percent majority approval.
    • Bonds generate School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP) monies from the state which can be used to offer safety enhancements and critical maintenance needs throughout the district.
    • Bonds–Phase 2 (pending voter authorization Nov. 7, 2017) will provide funds to rebuild schools.

Bond v. Levy Flyer

  • Bond v Levy

    Click here to learn about the difference between a bond and levy.