Playground Improvements

Playground Improvements

  • Summer 2015:

    The following five play structures were upgraded in the summer of 2015: Adelaide, Brigadoon, Enterprise, Lake Grove and Mirror Lake. The old rubber tiles at Adelaide, Brigadoon and Enterprise were replaced with newer ones to provide better bounce.

    The engineered wood fibers around the play structures at Mirror Lake and Lake Grove were removed and replaced by asphalt and rubber tiles. These play structures were also freshened up with replacements of some older panels, worn out decks and other components. Some slides, climbers and activity panels were updated. ADA transfer stations were upgraded, and some safety loop handholds were added.

    Summer 2014:

    Two playgrounds were updated summer of 2014. At Camelot, two different play structures were installed, one for the 5-12 year old age range, and another for preschool students.

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