Facilities Planning Committee

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    With the launch of our new strategic plan, Federal Way Public Schools has a roadmap for improvement. The purpose of the Facilities Planning Committee is to: 

    • Establish a shared understanding of our current reality related to Federal Way Public Schools facilities;
    • Establish a shared vision of future opportunities and possibilities related to Federal Way Public Schools facilities; and
    • Make a recommendation to the community and the superintendent for Phase 2 school construction, remodeling and/or modernization for voter consideration in 2018.

    With the growth in student enrollment, coupled with funding to reduce class size and aging facilities, building space is now a critical issue at many of our schools. Security enhancements, parking and traffic, and meal preparation are also emerging facility needs.

    As a result, the District has convened a Facilities Planning Committee recruiting over 100 parents, community leaders, public officials, and staff, and scholars. This committee will tour our schools, analyze our enrollment trends and the data on the state of our facilities, and identify best practices in school facilities that promote learning. One of the key outcomes of this group will be to create a draft recommendation for the Facilities Modernization/Expansion Bond Package. This draft will be presented to the superintendent and at community forums in the spring for review before a final Superintendent recommendation is made to our board of directors.

    The Committee will meet over the course of eight meetings, and began the first step of the journey  on October 18, 2016. At the first meeting, the group engaged in activities associated with building  openings, learned about school building funding, and began to dive into 21st century inquiry-based learning environments that build our student-scholars foundation for post-secondary pursuits.

    To view a recap of each committee meeting's highlights, click on the dates below.

    If you are interested in learning more about the committee's work, please contact 253-945-2000.