• Office 365

    Being a student or employee of the Federal Way Public Schools includes a Microsoft Office 365 Subscription, and here at Truman we take full advantage of the benefits and features MS has to offer.  To highlight some key examples:


    Forget your network Z drive, it's outdated and cumbersome to access from home.  Here at Truman students make full use of their cloud storage and have access to their important school-related files from anywhere they have an internet connection and device.  With 1,000 GB of storage capacity, there's more room to store large files in our media-rich world of tech than they could possibly use. 

    OneNote and Class Notebooks

    Microsoft has added innovative features to their OneNote application, bringing 21st century tools to our classroom that are persistently available from anywhere online.  Class Notebooks allow teachers to store classroom resources, attachments lesson agendas and more.  Students can collaborate with others, submit assignments and even see teacher comments and feedback all within the same interface.  And here at Truman we're proud to say we're the first school in the district to go school-wide with this resource.  

    See OneNote for Yourself!

    Click here to see the Content Library of one of our science notebooks.  Thanks to MS's efforts to continually improve Class Notebooks, parents can now access them via read-only links like this.