• Federal Way Public Schools scholars earned tickets to WE Day Seattle 2017 through local and global service activities.

    Scholars from Federal Way Public Schools (FWPS) were among the approximately 16,000 in attendance at WE Day Seattle 2017. Tickets to WE Day can’t be purchased. Instead, they are earned by taking action on local and global causes. FWPS scholars earned their tickets by leading events such as the WE Scare Hunger food drive held at Town Square Park on Halloween.

    WE Day Seattle is a day of unforgettable performances and motivational speeches meant to inspire youth to continue taking action on issues such as bullying, education and poverty to achieve transformative outcomes for themselves and others. Celebrities Jordan Fisher, Lily Collins, Buzz Aldrin, and Russell Wilson were among those who participated in this year’s celebration of scholars’ volunteer efforts.

    More than a one-day event, WE Day is connected to the free education program, WE Schools. This program provides schools and community groups with curriculum, educational resources, and action campaigns. More than 650 schools and groups across the state are currently making an impact with WE Schools.

    The WE Schools program has a positive impact on scholar engagement and is in direct support of FWPS strategic plan Goal 2, Whole Child: Thriving, Confident Responsible Individuals and Goal 3, Active Learners: Engaged, Empowered, Critical Thinkers. During the 2015/2016 school year, 89 percent of educators said their students felt a greater connection to their local communities and 81 percent said the program engaged previously disengaged youth.

    Todd Beamer High School teacher Sue Bergman spoke on the WE Day stage and said, "I am so proud of all the students who earned their way to WE Day by completing the various actions, such as "We Create Change", "We Volunteer", "We Step Up", "We are Love", and have spent so much of their time and energy in helping to make the lives of others just a little bit better.  Todd Beamer had 134 volunteers this year at WE Day Seattle, and 20 participants, and we have donated more than $9000 over the past 4 years to WE.  I couldn't be more grateful for all their hard work and determination."

    Superintendent Dr. Tammy Campbell sees the positive impacts of WE Day participation, saying “In Federal Way Public Schools, our district-wide focus is the Whole Child and with opportunities like WE Day activities, scholars can demonstrate how they are leading transformational efforts both in our local and global communities.”

    During the WE Day Seattle celebration, the Allstate Foundation surprised attendees by distributing 24 WE Volunteer Now grants worth $250 to those in the crowd. Camelot Elementary and Todd Beamer High School were among those to receive WE Volunteer Now grants at the event. The grant funds will be used to support scholar-led volunteer projects.