Strategic Planning Initiative

Creating a vision for our children’s future

  • Federal Way Public Schools has embarked on a Strategic Planning Initiative to develop the vision and direction for enhancing student achievement and success in the coming years.

    The strategic plan will be our roadmap toward a future vision and provides unity, clarity and direction to the important work of the district.

    In developing our plan, the District will use an approach that is inclusive and intentional and values all voices, and will continuously engage all stakeholders within the Federal Way Public Schools community.

    This work must be collectively developed by members of our greater school community. There will be many opportunities to provide input on the Strategic Plan over the course of the year. 

    We hope you’ll join in shaping what our school system should do and be for our community’s children.

Strategic Planning Teams: Students, Families, Staff and Community

  • To develop our strategic plan, Superintendent Dr. Tammy Campbell launched an extensive community and stakeholder engagement process. Using a structure of planning teams, as well as gathering data and input from stakeholders, this plan outlines a vision for our schools, guides the work of our educators, and serves as a roadmap to attain the vision and enhance student achievement.

    A Core Planning Team, representative of all Federal Way stakeholders, helped lead the Strategic Planning process. Additional teams included the Alignment Team and the Instructional Focus Team. 

    Students, families and community members have many opportunities to participate, as members of our Core Planning Team, as participants at community forums and at a student voice forum.

    Alignment Team
    The District leadership team supported the planning process.

    Core Planning Team
    Principals, teachers, administrators, support staff, students, parents and community members helped develop the vision and direction for enhancing student achievement and success. 

    Instructional Focus Team
    Principals, teachers, administrators and members of the Teaching for Learning department assessed instructional strengths and areas of growth, and to helped drive the instructional goals within the strategic plan.
    Students were selected to participate in a student forum. These students represented a broad representation of our student population.

    Community Forums
    One of the most important components of the planning process is students, parents and community involvement. There were five community forums scheduled around the district.

Strategic Planning Process

  • In Federal Way Public Schools we are committed to providing every student, at every school, with the tools they need to be successful.

    To be effective, we must focus on proven strategies that directly impact our students’ ability to access high quality instruction and receive the appropriate supports to help them become career- and college-ready.

    A primary purpose of planning is to ensure alignment on common purpose. The development of our strategic plan will include the engagement of diverse community that makes up FWPS.

    Performance Fact, Inc., is leading the strategic planning process, facilitated by Mutiu O. Fagbayi, President/CEO.

    The planning framework emphasizes in-depth analysis of student data from multiple perspectives, identifies the root causes of the current state of student achievement and develops concrete solutions to address the root causes.


Questions about the Strategic Planning Initiative