Software, Apps, and Online Resource Evaluation

Purpose and Rationale

  • The purpose of this process is to uphold Federal Way Public School Board Policy No. 2018 governing Instructional Materials:  

    "The Board of Directors and Administration of the Federal Way Public Schools have the legal responsibility to provide for the policies, procedures and resources for the selection and provision of the instructional materials for all students in the district. Instructional materials constitute all materials –print, non-print, or any combination thereof – used for the instruction of students.  The instructional materials shall be selected to support approved curriculum, enhance student learning and assist students in attaining standards, Grade Level Expectations, and District goals." 

    Furthermore, this process is intended to ensure that Federal Way scholars receive only the highest quality digital educational resources, that such resources complement but do not supplant district-approved guaranteed and viable core curriculum materials, and that Federal Way’s Information Technology Services can help to maintain these resources. It also protects you, the department, teacher and/or administrator, from unintended consequences of misaligned or otherwise faulty materials.

Files and Steps