Community Service and Career Plan Letter

  • Dear Parents and Scholars,

    The anticipation of entering high school next year should be full of hope and opportunity. The next four years are critical in your preparation for college and career. Our vision in Federal Way Public Schools is to provide you with every opportunity to be successful in high school and beyond. As you are most likely aware, last year we worked with over two thousand stakeholders from a variety of positions in our schools and community to develop a District Strategic Plan. Goal Two, in particular, in the Strategic Plan has been adopted by each school to measure the growth of the whole child:

    GOAL TWO - WHOLE CHILD: THRIVING, CONFIDENT, RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUALS Every student scholar will be empowered and prepared to develop personal responsibilities in order to be positive, productive members of society.

    One measure of growth in Goal Two focuses on providing scholars the opportunity to give back to their community through community service or a service learning project. For the class of 2021, the current 8th grade class, it will be a requirement for each scholar to complete 24 hours of community service between their freshman and senior years.

    The Federal Way Public School staff believes that community service plays an essential role in the education of scholars.

    • We believe that the opportunities to serve our community compel scholars to shift from an inward focus on themselves to an outward focus on others.
    • By making community service a priority at the school, we believe we will build a stronger, more vibrant, and more inclusive community.
    • Not only will scholars be giving back to your community, but they will also have the opportunity to add this experience to their High School and Beyond Plan resume for college entrance or employment.

    In addition to community service, scholars will integrate into their High School and Beyond Plan a Career Plan Letter.

    • Scholars will begin their Career Plan Letter in 9th grade and develop it over the course of their high school experience.
    • Scholars will develop and outline their career and education goals, including courses and experiences (such as community service) that will provide them with more information and preparation for their future.
    • In their senior year Career Plan Letter, scholars will address the specific plans and actions they are taking after high school including, but not limited to, college acceptance, military, technical training, or apprenticeships.

    High school counselors will share these requirements with you during registration visits in the spring.



    Dr. Tammy Campbell, Superintendent