• At the direction of Superintendent Dr. Campbell and in response to feedback from students, parents and multiple stakeholders the District launched a committee to review and reform our standards based grading and reporting system. Importantly, this initiative aligns directly with our Strategic Plan through the following Goal 4 Signature Strategy: Sustain with fidelity our system-wide standards-based grading and reporting process to communicate to student-scholars and families each scholar’s progress toward meeting standards. Additionally, we have multiple Measures of Progress that depend upon a system-wide approach that ensures each scholar’s achievement is being graded/reported in a consistent and fair manner across schools. The standards based grading and reporting committee is comprised of approximately 50 teachers, family-members, and students representing grades PreK-12 along with principals and central office administration.

    This committee has been charged with revisiting and recommending the key principles and practices of our standards based grading and reporting system ensuring they are grounded in research and experts in the field. Members of the committee will also co-create handbooks for various stakeholder groups--parents, students, teachers, and principals—that both explain the principles of standards based grading and reporting and outline our common beliefs, practices and the agreements related to district-wide implementation to provide more consistency and clarity. The products and recommendations made through the committee will be reviewed by the Superintendent for feedback and approval.

    Our ultimate goal is to ensure that there is clear and consistent grading and reporting—aligned to the best practices in a standards based system—for all scholars and families in the Federal Way Public Schools.

Meeting Minutes