Choice Enrollment Program

2018-19 School Year Enrollment Information

  • The 2018-19 Choice window is now closed. Thank you for your interest. 


    IMPORTANT: Final waiting list placements will be determined by the 10th day of the school year or September 17, 2018. Students on the waiting list who reside within the boundaries of Federal Way Public Schools must enroll in their resident school. Non-resident students must enroll in their resident district.

    •  Accepted students will have five business days from the date of notification to enroll at the "choice" school  or will have forfeit their acceptance.
    •  Denial letters will be mailed by the 15th day of the school year or September 24, 2018. Students will continue enrollment at resident school if denied choice placement. 
    • Online Registration and Choice - Resident and incoming students new to the Federal Way Public Schools approved for choice during the lottery, must register online at their resident or neighborhood school.  The resident and "choice" schools will coordinate the transfer of student records and update the "choice" school once registration is completed.
    • Applications will not be accepted after August 31. No exceptions.





What is Choice Enrollment?

  • The Choice Enrollment process allows for the placement of any scholar at a school which is located outside of their resident service area or district. Federal Way Public Schools recognizes the need for flexibility and increased options for scholars for whom attendance at another school is desirable. 

    Scholars requesting attendance in a school under Choice Enrollment provisions must apply to be considered on a space-available basis.  Scholars residing within the boundaries of Federal Way Public Schools shall have priority over non-resident scholars.

    Please be aware that any scholar accepting a choice placement is giving up their space at their resident school. Returning to the resident school would require the parent to submit a written request to the Choice and Student Release Specialist: 

Who Can Participate?


    Both resident and non-resident scholars in grades K-12 may participate by completing a Federal Way Public Schools Choice Enrollment Application (form 5116.4) indicating their desire to attend a "school of choice".  See the Application section for more detailed information.

    Scholars with special needs or disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in all programs and schools. 

Contact Us

  • Moni Tuputala

    Educational Service Center
    33330 8th Ave South
    Federal Way, WA 98003


Important Considerations

    • Only one Choice Enrollment Application will be accepted for each scholar.  When multiple Choice Enrollment Applications are submitted for the same scholar, the Choice Enrollment Application bearing the most current date and time will be the application entered into record.
    • A Choice Enrollment School is best chosen for its "education" impact on your scholar.
    • Resident scholars accepted on Choice Enrollment will be accepted for the K-12 continuum feeder pattern (except for Choice schools or limited space programs) outlined in Procedure 3131P.
    • Non-resident scholars accepted on Choice Enrollment will be accepted for the grade span of the requested school (except for Nautilus and Woodmont grades K-5) contingent upon annual space availability and receipt of a Choice Transfer Request from the scholar’s resident district prior to the start of each school year.
    • Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
    • WIAA and FWPS athletic eligibility requirements are applicable to all scholar transfers.
    • Choice Enrollment may be revoked for excessive tardiness/absences or increased enrollment at the “choice” school causing overcrowding in the school, grade, or program.

Release of Resident Students

  • A scholar who resides within the boundaries of the Federal Way Public Schools may apply for release to a non-resident district by completing a release form (No. 211) entitled "Choice Request Transfer (ONLY used for transfering out of the district)."  This form must be filed with the CHOICE & Student Release Specialist for final authorization of the release.

    • Scholars must be "released" annually.
    • Release requests will be accepted for processing beginning January 1 (of the current school year) for the following school year.

    Release requests will be accepted for processing on an "as needed" basis for the current school year.