Healthy Youth Survey

What is the Healthy Youth Survey (HYS)?

  • In an effort to better support the needs of our youth, Nautilus K-8 is proudly administering the Healthy Youth Survey to 6th and 8th graders during the school year.  We encourage students to participate in the survey as it directly impacts the services and resources provided in our schools, community, and state.

    “The survey asks questions about risk for injury, health outcomes, and alcohol and drug use.  Schools, communities and state and local health departments use survey results to support our youth and reduce their risks…The Healthy Youth Survey is voluntary and anonymous.” (

    Our 6th and 8th graders are informed of the survey process and purpose; informational flyers are sent home with students to be given to their families.  Families are also notified via email about the survey.  Students can choose to not participate in the survey or their families can choose to have them not participate.  If you would like your student to opt-out of participation, please contact our front office to let them know. They can be reached at 253-945-3401.  There are also examples of the surveys housed in the front office to serve as a resource for our families that have additional questions.

    Informational Flyer for Families: English and Spanish


    If you have any questions about the 2016 Healthy Youth Survey:
    Call toll-free (877) 497-7111.
    Visit the 2016 HYS webpages on

    or contact:

    Nautilus K-8 Survey Coordinator: Tammy Le, School Counselor ; 253-945-3412