The Mentor & Me Program

  • UPDATE: Due to secondary scholars being in 100% remote learning because of COVID-19, the Mentor & Progam is limited to existing mentors. Contact Program Director David Stone for more information. 

    Federal Way Public Schools (FWPS) is committed to ensuring student-scholars receive high-quality education and social-emotional supports in order to achieve their dreams. In order to ensure equitable access and opportunities for all of our scholars, FWPS has developed The Mentor & Me Program. This is a school-based mentoring program that engages our scholars, schools, and community as valued partners in ensuring that our mission and core beliefs are actionable.  

    Mentor & Me Program Outcomes

    • Scholars will build relationships with trusted, caring adults. 
    • Scholars will be supported through a strength-based approach so they know they are valued, have a voice, and matter.
    • Mentor will nurture, advocate, support, and share the responsibility to ensure their scholars have multiple opportunities to set goals, review their progress toward meeting those goals, adjust their progress along the way, and celebrate their successes.
    • Mentors will bring the best out in their scholars as they help them develop interpersonal skills and continuously affirm the scholars' self-worth and self-identity through meaningful relationships.
    • Mentors engage in two-way communication with school and district personnel if scholars have needs beyond what mentors are trained to provide.

    Program Structure

    Scholars will be matched with a mentor, and they will meet 30 minutes a week throughout the school year. These meetings will take place during the school day and not interrupt instructional time. They will also collaborate in a group session once a month, which will offer an opportunity to connect with other mentors and mentees as a group.


Mentor meeting with scholar

Contact Us

  • For more information or to get involved please contact:

    David Stone, Program Director