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  •  Kent Cross, Rainier View Elementary Principal

    Welcome to Rainier View and welcome to the 2016-17 school year.

    As you might have heard, Rainier View has experienced a population growth over the summer. Each morning we now greet over 525 friendly faces who walk from home, arrive by car or arrive on one of our nine school busses. Nearly half of our students are new friends.

    Many parents have inquired if and how Rainier View plans to maintain our identity and culture of being that school we have been so proud of. Yes, growing by 150 students brings changes to our system and procedures but thankfully the Rainier View Staff was up for this growth. Here’s why we have been and will be successful:

    Strategic planning for our population growth began ten months ago including creating space to house five additional classrooms.

    Our amazing staff was fully aware of our growth and fully embraced it. We only lost two teachers this summer. Mr. Couch is the new Assistant Principal at Panther Lake and Mrs. Murphy retired from Preschool.

    For the past ten months, we’ve actively stayed in contact with the Park 16 development including meeting with contractors, management staff, registering families in July at Park 16, held summer camps there, made Park 16 a summer “FRED” lunch stop, and last week 25 teachers rode a bus to Park 16 and met with families.

    My Leadership Team and I will continue building bridges to Park 16. We are working closely with their management and I have invited myself to attend Monthly Residents meetings.

    Our District helped us hire the following highly qualified and awesome teachers:

    Randi Engel – Preschool Teacher Michelle McLaughlin– Preschool Paraeducator Kimberlie Alvarado – Preschool Paraeducator Kate Cole – Kindergarten Teacher Dustin Day – 1st Grade Teacher Kelly Mooney – 4th Grade Teacher Tess Johnson – 5th Grade Teacher Geron Brown – 5th Grade Teacher Clint Richardson – Recess/Title Paraeducator

    Ongoing work with Superintendent Campbell and her staff to provide us with the support we need to be a great school. Mr. Bauer is working as our Principal Intern this year and this week I’ll be interviewing to hire a new Assistant Principal to Rainier View.

    Yes, we’ve grown from four busses to nine. Yes, every space in our building is strategically used to support learning. Yes, September has been “bumpy”. However, outstanding learning is happening within classrooms!!! Dr. Campbell visited our school and classrooms last week and she was so incredibly proud of the amazing work our staff and students were doing that she even got on our intercom system and publically shared out that “Rainier View is a school that fully carries her vision for the district”.

    It is my commitment and personal drive that even with 525 or more students, Rainier View will be the outstanding school it has been known for. We know that this work isn’t easy and change is uncomfortable but it is well within our skillset. We all have to roll up our sleeves and do the best work we are capable of. I want to thank you for your support as we open a new chapter at Rainier View. Now let’s all do our part and get to work supporting your child and your child’s school. My staff and I are committed to proving your child with a great school!!!