IB Middle Years Programme

About the Middle Years

  • Students in the IB Middle Years Programme (6th-8th grades at Kilo & Totem Middle Schools; 9th & 10th grades at TJHS) take 8 classes each semester in a variety of disciplines: Design (CTE classes), Fine Arts, Individuals and Societies (Social Studies/Humanities), Language and Literature (English), Mathematics (Algebra and Geometry), Physical Education, Science, and Language Acquisition (French, Japanese, or Spanish). 

    Students are held to standards of academic honesty.  MYP Students conduct a culminating project in 10th grade called the MYP Personal Project.  It becomes a component of their 13th Year Plans, which are required to graduate.  Students with special learning needs are included in the Middle Years Programme to the extent that their individualized education plans proscribe (MYP Special Needs Policy).

    English Language Learner students are are integrated into MYP, with use and further development of heritage languages and mother tongue supported and encouraged.  (MYP Language Policy).


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