K-2 Championship Track Meet

Go Bullfrogs!

  • Our massive K-2 team will help keep Mark Twain competitive in elementary track for a long time! Before we compete, we have fun stretching out our muscles and we also got some last minute advice from the moms in the crowd.

    Coach G. led his team to the starting line! While the girls got ready to run other Bullfrogs threw the big yellow ball with all of their might!

    We won some ribbons and held them proudly. We kept Coach Cash busy with another crew. The boys soon headed off to run. As they glanced at the competition beside them their dreams came true with a 1,2,3 finish!

    We focussed our attention and we lined up straight on the line and made sure our neighbors did too. We got some last minute advice from Coach Coti as we stared at the long course and we spotted what we thought might be the finish line. Catch me if you can, I’m on my way to the 1st place!

    In the end we all had fun, ran the race, played with friends and finally were able to enjoy the sunshine!

    Thanks families, for supporting Mark TwainTrack! We’ll see you on the track for the 2022 season. But don’t you dare blink, you might miss us as we fly by!